Fitness Competitor and IFBB Pro Natalie Graziano Does Back And Biceps “old school” style, which is heavy, basic, and brief. No toning and firming here!

  1. Rodney Burke 7 years ago

    really she looked quite feminine to me and I enjoyed watching to see if I was doing something wrong in the gym. Glad she made it.

  2. trizia 7 years ago

    Natalie, you have catapulted me to a time when i had never heard the term ‘old school’ because for a good few years it felt like everyone was in the zone. The way you train, the focus, the breathing, the technique, the form, the owning of every movement- is all i knew for the first ten year the only difference being that you’re a gal and they were all guys.
    I started at 16. I am now 50. I have never viewed body building as a sport but more as a discipline and a science because you are constantly in competition with yourself. As a woman, to feel physically strong is Euphoric as im sure you know. I am grateful to you for bringing out an honest vid, void of pretense or ego. To the trained eye there is a lot of information there- to the untrained eye………well!! i would not know. I thank you for inspiring me and unconsciously EMPOWERING more woman than you realise-
    and of course a huge thank you to your good self, Will

    • Author
      Will Brink 7 years ago

      The term “old school” was used by me BTW. It refers to the use of basic compound movements with heavy weights, vs overly complex “functional” exercises all the rage these days. That’s not to say some of of the exercises in favor these days are worthless, or “bad” but some looking to get strong and or add LBM need to get back to “old school” approaches to their training. That’s why I had her do that workout.

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