As regular readers of the BrinkZone should know by now, I’m a big fan of sled work. Drag sleds are a “must have” item in my view, but the Prowler sled takes sled work to the next level. The Prowler sled has become a staple of many people’s training. However, although many who use the Prowler know what an amazing conditioning tool it is, I find few appreciate it as a true strength tool. It’s like viewing the squat as a conditioning exercise, but failing to see the squat as a movement for developing maximal strength!

The Prowler uses virtually every muscle in your body, either directly or indirectly, and is as basic as it gets. Why do so many people put a few little weights on it and run the thing around like some aerobic toy?! But seriously, the Prowler is great for conditioning (using lighter weights and pushing for speed) but it’s also great for strength and hypertrophy. If you have access to one, load that bitch up with all the weight you can stand, and push it 75-100’ for 2-3 cycles with 3-5 minutes between sets. Tell me if it’s not one of the most brutal leg workouts you have ever experienced! I find heavy Prowler work translates very well into other areas of strength training and or conditioning work.

Finally, don’t forget about my First Annual Prowler Charity push off. Great prizes, fun time, and for a great cause!!!

Info on the competition HERE

Below is a recent max Prowler day for yours truly. My new personal best on the Prowler sled O death…did that weight for 3 cycles (75′) with 3 – 5 mins between “sets.” I had serious case of Prowler flu by the end of the last cycle.

  1. Cory 12 years ago

    Try that push on the “low bars”….you will find you have the flu much much sooner..!

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Cory, there’s the low bars, and then there’s the LOW bars! The low bars are hard, but the lowest bars are another universe of difficulty. My numbers drop drastically…. 🙂

  2. mike 12 years ago

    grate site thx mate

  3. kevin 12 years ago

    On one of the videos I saw one guy on the prowler going so fast he ran out of his shoe. 😉 My gym doesn’t have one of those. I think I could replicate it on a treadmill set at 12-15% grade while wearing my backpack with the engine flywheel in it.

  4. Bob 12 years ago

    WOW, What a monster effort Will!!!
    I was wondering what the Prowler itself weighs? What was the total weight you were pushing?

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Bob, the Prowler weighs 80-90lbs, so that was 12 X 45 + the sled, so 600lbs + if I my math is correct. Kid I train with is good for 16 plates, so I’m not even champ in my gym, but he’s strong as an Ox and 20 years younger then I! 🙂

      • John 12 years ago

        This exercise while good for the legs appear to have potential for damage to knee and ankle joints as well as surrounding ligaments. Are there warm-up exercises to prepare for doing the sleds and prevent those possibilities?

  5. Paul 12 years ago

    I agree, this exercise looks like it has “blown knee” or “ruptured disk” all over it. Any research on long term injuries from using the sled ?
    Thanks for your effort

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Here’s what i will tell you. My experience, which mirrors other I have spoken with who use it is, one experiences/feels far less joint stress when using it. Sled dragging and or pushing has been around decades, and has never been known for high rates of injury. Heavy squats, leg presses, etc, I feel much more in my joints. One of the things I like most about sleds is, I always feel zero to no joint issues after use. I also have a number of people with specific joint pathology (knees, back, hips, etc) who find the Prowler the only thing that does not cause them pain. Now, regardless, one has to factor in their own medical history into use of such a tool, and using such high loads as I am in this vid, clearly not for everyone. I’d still consider it much safer then say max loading with a squat, dead lift, etc.,

      • John 12 years ago

        Thanks for the update. I’ll have to see if if this is something my gym can acquire (or find a suitable substitute) since I do have and feel the strain of squats in my knees and most of the time have to skip those as an exercise..

  6. Bill Rouse 12 years ago

    Just tired watching

  7. Matt 12 years ago

    I’ve never had access to a Prowler, but my friends and I did the same thing with a golf cart and a hill. We hooked up a radio, while 1 of us sat inside the cart in neutral, the other pushed. Then we would tie a rope and handle to the front and pull it backwards. Like you said, great workout. Not just for the legs, but for the core and endurance as well.

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