So people don’t think all I do 24/7 is read studies, here’s what I did this weekend, something I have been putting off for a long time, replanting my HUGE aloe plant. This is the smaller of the two I have, which I call Hans and Franz. They started as one small aloe plant many years ago. Transplanting at this point is no small task. Takes two people to move them. They have to be cut out of their pot using a grinder tool and blade!

It was so big, I had to split it into two plants, and still had a bunch left over! Went from this:

Put into:

Ending up with:

Plus (Hans Junior? Hans II?)

What a PITA, but it was way over due…..

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  1. Rick Wood 11 years ago

    Will could you please give your thoughts and the validity of what PXP really does or doesn’t do? We are hearing alot about it and its healing factors regarding the mitochondria. I did some reading on it but never really know if it is truth or fiction. Any thoughts or information you would be willing to share would be great. Thanks Rick

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