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My experience with Ketamine was in 2020, and it took this long to decide whether that was a topic I wanted be more public beyond the journal I published my experience in. Why the delay?

• I’m very private when it comes to discussing my personal life, especially anything medically related. People seem to think putting their entire personal life online is a good idea in these modern times, but that does not interest me in the least.

• I didn’t want to scare people away from considering ketamine therapy as for many, it’s highly effective for the treatment some mood disorders, PTSD, etc and may have direct benefits to the brain, which is why I was interest in trying it. However, the reason I published my experience in that journal, was I also felt people, medical professionals in particular, should be aware not everyone has a beneficial experience. Mine was absolutely terrible.

Why I tried ketamine under medical supervision, what my experience was, etc can be found on reading my short case study that was published in Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports, Volume 4 Issue 7- 2020

Without further delay, here was what I experienced:

My Experience With Ketamine

Note: People should not confuse recreational use of Ketamine vs medically supervised, in any way shape or form. You have been warned…

  1. kevin O'Neall 1 year ago

    Hi Will,

    I’m Veterinarian in practice for 35 years. Ketamine is a common anesthetic used in cattle, horses, dogs and cats. I had a bout of depression and treated myself with IV veterinary ketamine. I put a catheter in my arm then attached a bag of fluids with ketamine added. I was sitting in a chair and saw a bookshelf turn 45 degrees. I wondered why the books didn’t fall out. Then I was floating above the room. Then I was in a rocket ship looking down on the earth. Then I was back in the room but my hands had turned to metal. A while later they changed into aluminum. Eventually I wondered why the sun hadn’t gone down. I felt like I’d been in the chair for several hours. I wondered if I’d damaged my brain, Would someone from work check on me if I didn’t show up for work the next morning. Gradually I regained use of my hands. Enough to check my watch. I thought an entire day must have gone by but the watch said only thirty minutes had passed.

    I run 100 mile races. These require staying up for up to 30 hours. I ran the Javelina Jundred 100 mile race in Arizona. In the middle of the night the Saguaro Cacti tried to attack me. I had to out-run them. The point is my ketamine experience was like my awake-dreaming during that race. I felt I was in control and in no danger. I didn’t feel narcotized or stoned or drunk. I was just in a different reality.

    • Author
      Will Brink 1 year ago

      You had the type of experience I was expecting to have, and did not. What I experienced was very unpleasant to sy the least, and others I have spoken to since had similar experiences. I decided more people should at least be aware of that, both med pros (why I published in a sci/med J) and my followers, etc via this site. It seems most have a positive experience.

  2. Mary 1 year ago

    Glad you got out of that mess Will Brink. Think I’ll stick with natural medicines such as essential oils. I try to use my health aids in moderation. So far, no bad trips or unwanted side effects.

    • Peter Marsh 5 months ago

      my goodness, it must have been truly horrific to experience. I was hoping there would be positive effects, like the data implied.
      I tried it, under a doctor’s supervision, and it was just too weird. I experimented back in the hippy days with just about everything you could imagine, so I thought I’d be ok. It was supposed to help with my depression. I sat in a recliner, comfortable chair, and watched tv as the doc hooked me up, and before I knew it I was the “boy with kaleidoscope eyes”. very strange. I could not speak, and I wanted to abort the therapy, but I was unable to do so. Eventually it ended, and it took a while and just to walk was an effort. It was like I had pillows tied to the bottom of my feet. It reminded me of angel dust experience I had, and I didn’t feel that was much fun either.
      I just stopped by to get some Alpha Joe because I really need to get some of my muscle back.
      thanks Will

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