So I had a cookout/ B Day party thing yesterday. The GF  was having a Labrada banana RTD on ice as she was hungry and wanted something quick. I wondered what it would taste like with some good vodka in it. The answer is, it tasted pretty damn good. I’m calling this new drink The Labrada 🙂

  1. LOUDelf 15 years ago

    Isn’t everything great with Vodka in it?

  2. stephen gates 15 years ago

    sounds pritty cool well done mate, could it help me with my torn left peck – ifso please could you give me the recipy. ps… and dont forget the ice lol

  3. Makster 15 years ago

    Not a huge banana fan, but the Vodka would make it better!

  4. Simon 15 years ago

    Didn’t Arnold advocate Jim Beam for muscle growth, perhaps you’re onto something Will.

  5. Bodybuilding Blog 14 years ago

    I need to go and try it.

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