How do you approach it? Here’s my current thoughts on the issue:

If you want to read a much more in-depth assessment of the pre and post workout drink, read my article:

  1. Bruce 10 years ago

    Thanks Will!!! Appreciate your study and research followed by your willingness to share. I look forward to your timely and informative messages.

  2. Hank 10 years ago

    What actually is in a post workout drink?

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Depends. Generally, protein and carbohydrates. There’s some specific formulas and ratios recommended for P and C, but most experiment and find what they prefer. Many add additional ingredients to their post workout drinks, like glutamine etc. Endurance oriented athletes may opt for more C while strength oriented types usually more like a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of C to P.
      And of course, some see no value to it at all and don’t bother.
      There’s an extensive article linked below the vid that gets into more details on the the topic also if interested and of course covered in Body Building Revealed and various other vids/article on the site here.

    • Allan 10 years ago

      Hi Hank,
      I use this as a guide
      Protein= your weight (kg) x 0.55 (or .25 if using pounds).
      Use a good quality low carb/fat WPI which is fast absorbing or 50% WPI and 50% Castein if you think its going to be a long time till your next proper meal as it is slow absorbing
      Carbs= your weight (kg) x 0.66 (or .3 if using pounds).
      Now 50% of that should be simple carbs like a banana or dextrose and 50% complex carbs like oats or quinoa. the simple carbs quickly top up glycogen and increase insulin to keep your body in an anobolic state and complex carbs take a little longer to digest.
      NO FATS……….
      I also add around 1/2 cup of green vegies to help lower acididty level (adds alkaline) in the body which is a result of heavy exercise. Try frozen spinach as it blends well or brocoli.
      im 80kg so my PWO has 44gr protein (WPI powder), 53gr carbs (26gr dextrose, 27g oats) and 25gr of frozen spinach. add 500-700mls water and blend up till smooth.
      around 380 kcal or 1600kj per shake.
      Drink as soon as posible and no later than 60min after a work out.

  3. Eldon L Raison 10 years ago

    I agree 100% Will. Certainly, in the gym, say, 60 to 90 minutes after leaving it all there, a certiain amount of carb and protein is a good thing. Most guys always hit the gym tinking they’re building muscle. When in fact, hopefully we’re making inroads to our muscle tissue (s). Torn tissue is asking for something to supercompensate for the work done to heal. I say carbs too not so much to help drive it in the cells via insulin, but from the energy spent during that time. I like a combo of simple and complex carbs. I may want to go to a movie later, lol. But rest being a player in the equation, a post drink won’t make or break you. Personally, a meal is out of the question for hours after I train. In the early 80’s, the Weider camp swore on 32 grams of protein is all a person can handle for X amount of time. I would like to see you do a video on this subject. I read a book called “Protein Power” by two doctors, husband and wife team and learned a lot abot protein’s role. But how much can the body utilize for me is of interest. For some time, I had great recovery using a post drink with 50 grams of whey Isolate. My soreness was gone and I felt better refreshed for the next day. What are your thoughts? Thanks Will.

  4. Allan 10 years ago

    I perform a lot of Cardio as im training for Triathlons.
    As a general rule i eat a good serve of Carbs and protein at least 3 hours before sessions and have a PWO shake containing complex and simle carbs and quick absorbing protein within 30 min of finnishing (i was told use the golden 60 rule- eat within 60 min max). I think its only required if the session is over 45min or vey intense.
    People looking to loose weight usualy dont like the idea because they pretty much consume the same amount of calories in the PWO as they have burnt off but I find that the PWO prevents muscle soreness (meaning i can recover quicker, exercise twice a day or every day) and also prevents over eating during the day (if i do a seesion early in the morning and dont have one i find myself very hungry all day regardless of how much i eat).
    I always hear that you cant build muscle while performing cardio, i do 11-14 hrs per week and 3 hrs of weight training and ive still managed to gain around 100-200gr of muscle per week consistantly over the last 6 months and im certain its due to the PWO preventing a catabolic state and waisting muscle while allowing an anabolic environment to build further muscle.

  5. john mirandi 10 years ago


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