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Hey all,

For those members who may not have noticed, there is now a Recommended Products section on the BrinkZone. So far, a limited number of products, but I will only put up there what I have used myself – or with others – and they pass the “Brink No BS” test.

For example, I Just added the sand bags by SandBag Fitness Systems for example. Sandbag training is some of the most productive “functional” training around. The sandbags from Sandbag Fitness Systems takes sandbag training to another level.  They have handles and grips, and are very well made. The number of exercises you can do with the sandbags from Sandbag Fitness Systems is virtually endless. A must have for home gyms and those who want to take their functional strength and fitness to the next level! I use them with the SWAT teams I work with, and keep a small, medium, and large bag in my home gym.

If you watch some of the vids I made during the training with SWAT teams, you will see those sandbags being used. There are far more exercises one can perform with these sandbags then what’s in my vids, so see the site via my link for more on that.

I’m also trying to find/use/offer lesser known products where possible. I will be adding more stuff as I try them out in my own program or diet, etc.

Right now, I am trying out an interval timer from Gymboss, which allows you to perform intervals more easily and efficiently, for HIIT and other programs. If I like it, it will probably pop up on the Recommended Product List above.

  1. Dave 14 years ago

    Thanks for adding this Will! It’s great to find all your recommendations in one place. I do have a question, though: The TRX Suspension Trainer website has a number of testimonials stating what a great replacement it is for weightlifting. Would you concur that you can build LBM with this product as effectively as with weights, particularly for older athletes with joint issues?

  2. Author
    Will Brink 14 years ago

    Dave, depends on your goals. For some, I think the TRX could replace weights, but it depends on some variables. No, I don’t think the TRX is going to be as effective for increasing LBM, or higher 1RM strength if that’s the goal. Personally, I find a blend of both – along with other stuff such as sandbags, etc – a great program, and I use it in my home gym, which you can see in the vid section of my training at home.

  3. Dave 14 years ago

    Thanks for the reply Will – I really appreciate it! My goal has always been to increase LBM and I actually have a very complete home gym, but time is at a much greater premium than it once was so anything that will be more efficient is highly welcome.
    Thanks again!

  4. Author
    Will Brink 14 years ago

    Dave, I take the TRX when I travel for example. It also has a door attachment, which works well in hotel rooms, etc. I also enjoy using it outside in the summer time. Anything to keep things interesting, fun, and productive….

  5. Jim 14 years ago

    I have been following your site for years, read your books…love it all.
    I have seen on medline several articles drawing correlation between concurrent protein & creatine use and subsequent kidney stone development. Could you comment on this?

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Jim, I have not seen it. If you find some studies on medline of interest, perhaps post them on the forum for comment.
      DP, it’s derived from soy, which means it’s a compound derived from soy, not that it has soy based constituents in it per se. Even if it were shown to be a problem ( see my article on soy) the amount in soy derived Lecithin would be so small as to be non issue. The dose always makes the poison.
      Trying to avoid what is probably ng amounts of soy constituents in Lecithin is illogical in my view, unless you had a severe allergy to soy.

  6. DP 14 years ago

    I’ve recently switched to LEF Natural Enhanced Whey Protein, after having used an ion-exchanged natural whey for a long time. I believe both have benefits, but on balance, i think the retained whey subfractions in LEF’s version is worth more than the slight increase in amount of protein provided by ion exchange. In addition, LEF’s protein source is Provon 290/292 from Glanbia Nutritionals, a very reputable whey protein manufacturer.
    I prefer LEF’s Natural version (unflavored) because i can customize my own shakes. The only ingredients in the natural version are whey protein and soy lecithin. I’ve discussed with other protein manufacturers the possibility of using a different dispersing agent instead of soy lecithin. My concern regards possible estrogenic effects of the soy, especially when consuming the amount of protein powder that many of us consume. At some point Will, can you offer your thoughts on soy lecithin. An alternative is sunflower lecithin. Thanks

  7. Get Swole 14 years ago

    Thanks for this deffo going to come in handy.

  8. makster 14 years ago

    Good stuff Will. Will be waiting for more info. Thanks

  9. MikeM 14 years ago

    Excellent information – thanks & will check in again soon.

  10. Peter 14 years ago

    I have recently read Paul Chek article on whey powder. Paul Chek recommends Raw Organic whey protein, Imuplus a whey protein isolate produced by the Swiss pharmaceutical and Eclater de Sante (Essence of life). I use Optumim nutrition serious mass, O/N Creapure creatine and recently Ultimate nutrition BCAA and a tea spoon of Glutamine every morning.
    What grabbed my attention was Paul Chek recommendation on the Raw Organic whey protein. Will Brink, do you think the raw organic whey protein products are 100% better than all the other whey powders?
    My weight is 227 pounds or 103 kg, i train 4 days heavy weight training with some cardio and pilates once a week. I started training 2 and half years ago and im 33 yrs old.
    Could raw orgainc whey protein help me bulk? The O/N serious mass, not sure if it has helped me bulked. I have taken it for 1 and half years and my weight was 211 pounds 96 kg. I am 188cm in height just to give you an idea.
    Some words of wisdom please Will Brink .
    By the way i am in Australia.

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Peter, I know of exactly zero proof/support/data "organic" whey is superior. Read my article "are there hormones in your whey?" on the site here for my full opinions on the issue. It's a non issue in my view.

  11. Peter 14 years ago

    "Are there Hormones in your Whey". Thankyou, Great read, poor cows.
    Whey concentrate has 70-85% protein and whey isolate 90-94% protein, cheap vs expensive. Now i know you cant give me an exact answer or maybe you can, (you need to know what my diet is like), however comparing O/N serious mass concentrate vs O/N whey isolate, if i were to choose btw the two, to help me bulk, which of the two would you recommend, why, and if another product why? I do realise you cannot increase muscle mass over night, just like Rome wasnt built in a day! What are your thoughts Will Brink.

  12. Pete 14 years ago

    I would like to know if MD+ Supplement GH Boost is a safe natural product to use. There website http://www.GHBoost.com has an article on it and the side effects are not that dangerous versus some articles on GH stating kidney, heart etc. Need some advice Will Brink.

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      If you want to know what works, what does not, etc, and save yourself $$$ and years of wasted time, I recommend you try one of my ebooks, which covers GH boosters and many other supplements. To answer your question, I have not faith in any GH booster type supplements for altering bodycomp. Save your $$$.

  13. Pete 14 years ago

    I gather GHR1000 is the same as MD+ (GH boost4)?
    I have read by taking 2grams of L Glutamine before sleep, it helps you Growth Hormone levels?
    I have tried it twice, before sleep, and wake up at 5am do go to the toilet, and thought, i cant be doing this.
    Gluatmine and Creatine. Can you mix these two together with whey protein?

  14. Pete 14 years ago

    Will Brink,
    Here is something i cannot find any reviews on. HEMP PROTEIN. A natural (Organic) source of protein for Vegan's. Im not a vegan, however is Hemp Protein better than whey protein?

  15. overgrowthegovernment 14 years ago

    right on man you have some unique ideas. i’ll be posting this on my twitter

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