Resveratrol, The Wonder Supplement And Testosterone Booster?
One compound that has been getting a great deal of attention these days by both researchers and the media is Resveratrol (Res), which is a phytoestrogen and antioxidant derived from grapes. It’s a compound that has been found to act as an anti estrogen, Inhibits aromatase (the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogens) at high doses, may have effects on weight loss, and has many potential health related benefits.

So far, the stuff looks to a wonder compound. Finally, recent studies also suggest it may increase testosterone levels, and that’s got bodybuilders and other athletes, as well as supplement companies, excited as one might expect.
One recent study getting a great deal of attention entitled “trans-Resveratrol relaxes the corpus cavernosum ex vivo and enhances testosterone levels and sperm quality in vivo” found positive effects on testosterone levels in rabbits. This study found that rats given Res orally at 50 mg/ kg for 28 days concluded
“… resveratrol has a positive effect on male reproductive function by triggering a penile erection, as well as enhancing blood testosterone levels, testicular sperm counts, and epididymal sperm motility.” (1)
Two essential points to remember: the study was done in rabbits and at very high doses. To figure the dose used in the study as it applies to you, which was 50 mg/ kg, use your weight in lbs divided by 2.2 X 50 = dose needed according to this study…However, another study done in animals used a dosage: 20 mg/(kg d) also had positive effects on testosterone, so that might be a good starting dose. It’s not known of course if this is the human equivalent dose (HED) or even what the HED is at this time to effect testosterone in humans or even if it will!
Unfortunately, no conclusive human studies exist at this time, so the “optimal” dose is a WAG at this time. However, anecdotal reports of people using 500mg – 1000mg report positive effects, but it’s far from clear what effects people can expect from these doses of Res, but considering all the other potential health benefits of Res, it may be worth trying.
Shin S, Jeon JH, Park D, Jang MJ, Choi JH, Choi BH, Joo SS, Nahm SS, Kim JC, Kim YB. Arch Pharm Res. 2008 Jan;31(1):83-7

  1. Frank 16 years ago

    A few years ago I read about a similar study in Life Extension Mag involving mice or rats, can’t recall which, and they came to the same conclusion that men should take Resveratrol supplements. So I did and was frankly very disappointed with the results and the very high cost of the stuff.
    Then later on I read an article from Dr.Weil (the bearded doc) who said the studies were deeply flawed as the rats had been fed massive amounts and so it would take massive unsafe doses to achieve the same results in people. His advise was to avoid it.
    I would imagine in the future they might be able come up with a safer high dose way to take grape seed extract where it actually works. But for now, I personally wouldn’t spend my money on what’s out there. Oh and don’t try to get it from wine either as there were some studies recommending wine. It would take a lot of wine! And excessive alcohol is NEVER a good thing no matter what some crazy new studies tell you.

  2. Rick Dennis 16 years ago
  3. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    Rick, I have read that article before. Note it says “This article was updated on September 1, 1999.” That was a long time ago. Lots of research on all fronts has taken place since that time, and it continues to look very positive. I am as big a sceptic as there is regarding supp company claims, but Res appears to be a solid bet as a supplement with a wide range of potential benefits.

  4. Thomas A Roper 16 years ago

    quote: “an article from Dr.Weil (the bearded doc) who said the studies were deeply flawed as the rats had been fed massive amounts and so it would take massive unsafe doses to achieve the same results in people”
    a little research shows that the conversion the media made for humans were way-y off base. doesn’t take much. and an anecdotal account that “it didn’t help me” is about on the same order as the media’s bad science. big pharma didn’t swoop down and swallow the resveratrol co. just for idle curiosity. see beyond a century for a good price. they’re a no frills outfit run by body
    builders who keep up with research.
    i consider weil a shill for the establishment. hardly trustworthy if you’re in the vanguard.

  5. J N 16 years ago

    The amount of testosterone being produced, even by genetic freaks, is very low. Between 5mg – 10mg daily and 90% is inactive because aromatizes to dihydrotestosterone and estrogen and is not active to develop muscle.
    Same when any synthetic or natural enhancement takes place the testosterone is 90% inactive.
    Even males between the ages of 14 thru 20 their testosterone production is as high as will ever get without any natrual enhancement substances. Guess what? They can develop muscle with the amount they produce without any natural enhancement substances yet another critical factor takes place as mentioned in the previous paragraph only 10% is active for muscle building.
    The truth is no matter how much testosterone we produce at any age only 10% is free for building muscle the solution for males
    14 thru 20 they only need an anti dihydrotestosterone and potent anti estrogen to free up 90% or more. All beyond 20 I suggest they get examined by an Endocrinologist to see what amount they are producing because they may not need any synthetics
    or natural enhancement substances even in their 40’s.
    When they need any I also suggest an anti dihydrotestosterone and anti estrogen to free up all their testosterone.
    Then check this out it’s not always how much active testosterone
    we produce either, you can be 14 thru 20 with 9mg of
    active testosterone yet your androgen receptor cell sites
    are closed or partially open and you can not make any gains
    at all or very little.
    On the other hand you can be 50’s plus 1 nanogram of
    active testosterone yet your androgen receptor cell sites
    are fully open and you can make more gains than anyone
    14 thru 20, in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s which is fairly young.

  6. Peter 16 years ago

    Hey JN,
    I agree with what you are saying but what product would you recommend as a good anti dihydrotestosterone and anti estrogen. There are many products out there claiming to be anti dihydrotestosterone and anti estrogen but which ones actually work?

  7. The topic is quite hot on the Internet right now. What do you pay attention to while choosing what to write ?

  8. rehman 10 years ago

    what about grape seed extract, have you tried that?
    and noticed any anto aromatase effects?

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