I’ve known Tom for many years and in that time I’ve always enjoyed his work and found it to be hype free and full of solid usable information, this week Tom has released a New Hardcover Book called “The Body Fat Solution” .
Why am I taking up space on my science based blog with it ? Well because it’s not another book on diet but a book which deals with the psychological factors that sabotage success, and having worked with literally thousands of people who are looking to lose weight and gain muscle, the mindset is almost always the determining factor in who does and who does not succeed, this book deals with the mindset and approach needed to get in shape.
You can read more about it below and grab a couple of hundred dollars worth of freebies from a special site he’s set up.
Tom's book
It’s not a “diet book” and it’s designed to completely change your attitude about how you approach losing fat and keeping it off.
You can learn more about it here: www.TheBodyFatSolution.com
There are also 13 fast action bonuses if you pick up the book on Thursday, January 8th – the worldwide launch day – see below for more info on that.
What makes this so different than the rest of the crop of 2009 “diets?” Aren’t all these bookstore books more or less the same?
Not this one.
We all know that we gain fat when we take in more calories than we burn. But we’re not always rational creatures when it comes to food and exercise.
Recognizing the emotional and psychological factors that sabotage success and cause weight relapse, Venuto’s new hardcover Book, The Body Fat Solution hones in on the real causes of body-fat.Aren’t all these books more or less the same?
This book hands you a scientifically-sound plan based on *principles* not current fads, to take back control of your body and end emotional eating for good.
In The Body Fat Solution, Venuto outlines the 5 principles that will retrain your mind and body for automatic success.
Determined to help you keep the fat off for good, Tom shows you how to:
* End emotional eating and stop diet self sabotage
* Re-program your mind to develop “auto-pilot” success habits
* Go beyond goal setting by crafting a powerful “vision” that motivates you for life
* Eat healthy, delicious food almost unconsciously and shed the pounds almost effortlessly
* Increase your metabolism and break any fat loss plateau
* Reshape your body through lean muscle training for a strong core and toned frame
* Build a supportive social network of friends, family, and mentors to help motivate you and keep you on the path
* The body fat solution is officially available online and in bookstores on Thursday, Jan 8th; go directly to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Borders to order.
* ORDER 2 or more copies TODAY and receive 13 valuable bonuses worth $265. Go to http://www.thebodyfatsolution.com on Thursday, January 8th to register for your bonuses * While you’re at http://www.thebodyfatsolution.com, enter the body fat solution sweepstakes for a chance to win one of Five 5-year memberships to Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Inner Circle ‘AND’ a personally autographed copy of the book. No purchase necessary to enter sweepstakes.

  1. Clayton 15 years ago

    Hi Tom,
    I have been a big fan of your BTFM e-book, and have been waiting for your hardcover book for some time, I will be ordering it asap.
    Can you let me know does it actually include diets as well or is it primarily
    All the best

  2. Author
    Will Brink 15 years ago

    Clayton, are you confusing me with Tom Venuto? Can’t really tell here, but this is the blog of Will Brink, and the above is a favorable mention of his book. As I didn’t write BTFM ebook (Tom did), you will need to contact him at the URL given above about your questions regarding his new book. Good luck.

  3. Tom 15 years ago

    Hi Clayton. thanks for the kind words. the body fat solution is not a “diet” book at all, so you won’t find menu plans inside it. (although some will be provided from the website soon). This new book was designed more to help you stick with the diet or menus you already have and make them an effortless part of your daily lifestyle.
    For example, if youre using BFFM or if you’re using wills FLR or BBR nutrition plans, the question is, do you easily stay motivated to follow it with enough compliance to get the results you want, or do you find yourself blowing it on weekends, giving in to cravings, falling off the schedule when traveling, eating when under stress, or doing anything else that sabotages an already good nutrition plan. THAT is what you will find answers to in my new book: Emotional, psychological and even social (how people influence you) aspects of “staying on the wagon”
    To make this a total lifestyle program, i did include one concise simple chapter on nutrition and extensive food lists in the appendix so you know what to eat and how to categorize the foods.
    These are “Principles” not advanced diet tactics or number crunching. very different from the by-the-numbers approach of BFFM.
    lastly, its not a “fluffy” book. It is scientific and was meticulously researched, even the behavioral, psychological and sociological aspects.
    Let me know how else i can help
    tom venuto
    PS thanks will for mentioning the book on your blog.

  4. Clayton 15 years ago

    Ahh, thank you Tom, that clears it up , I will be placing my order today.

  5. Matthew V 15 years ago

    HI Will
    Hope you had a good xmas and New Years. I was closed to getting better shape until I woke up in the hospital.I got home xmas eve.So iam back to beginning.I lost 50lbs in the two and half months .
    Matthew V

  6. Author
    Will Brink 15 years ago

    Yup, best weight loss program around is a long hospital stay! Hope your 2009 is better!

  7. Reuben Zepeda 15 years ago

    Hi Will:
    Happy new year, when I log on to the BBR member site I can’t post new thread…please help.

  8. imre 15 years ago

    Hi Tom,
    I received your book yesterday from Amazone, and read only a few pages. But that was enough to congratulate for writing a very reasonable book for everyday people, for very correct price, unlike many other BS on over the internet. And thaks to you, to Will Brink, and very few other profesionals over the web who are giving usefull informations and support about nutrition, fitness, bodybuilding and not seling secrets( maybe CIAs), now I repeat, for realy correct price.
    Now I will write something different and if it is not apropriate, kindly ask the moderator to delete.
    I am not a profesional, sport science-practice is only one of my hobies for 30 years now. Because of that, I bought 70% of the BS ebooks over the web(very courios) so realy have a good overview what is available. And thank you for writing that cardio is a good thing : ) while on 60% off fatloss websites is writen(clever marketing for naive people who are buying it) that cardio is rubish. Even in sport conditioning, I just read a book “Secrets of Martial art Conditioning” from a guy named Alwyn, is writen”aerobic training is a total waste of time”. Unfortunately, I personaly know olympic and world champin wrestlers, and former Pride an K-1(MMA) champions who are running 6 miles every other day. Poor guys were not teached by internet coaches, they had a real one 🙂
    And, while I can by printed books from a people like Baechle, Earle, Zatsiorsky, etc, for 40-60$, I shall never by any ebook full os “secrets” for 80(or 77)$ from coaches who are world famos guys only over the web. Shortly, this is a reason for respecting people like You, Will, (and a few others) : ) and I was buying every of your products(from all of you) even if i do not need it. Both of you belong to a small group who are much better professional than marketing expert, and I dont understand why most people have more respect for expensive lie then good product for correct price. Have a little experience with this, because last year received an offer from internet-composed famous fitness “guru” for 1500US$ to sell my photo and write a succes storie. It was a nice feeling for my “ego”, but before the transaction I realised that it is also selling my selfrespect.
    Regards and a hat down for guys like you

  9. Lyle 15 years ago

    I agree with you Imre, Tom and Will seem to be the only ones not full of BS. Would love to know which one of these internet scammers tried to pay you all that money. Just goes to show how worthless some of theset testimonials are on a site.

  10. imre 15 years ago

    Sorry Lyle, I deleted the mail(MS outlook capacity is limited and had to delete many) and have no prove anymore, so it would be incorrect to write the name. But do not agree with you that Will and Tom are the only ones in honest group. And if you are Lyle McDonald, IMHO you also belong to that group(dont want to say all my list, this is Wills blog) :). To respect someones honesty and personality does not mean that I should agree with his thoughts, so my list is long.

  11. Sunny 15 years ago

    Hi Tom, the book sounds interesting. I have been exercising for 4 years now, 6 days a week. I teach an hour long aerobics class 2 days a week and I work with weights 2 days/week. Last year in an effort to lose weight I started doign cardio for 2 hours per day instead of 1 hour. I ended up by years’ end with pulled muscles in my back and foot. I had to back off to let that heal. Despite all the exercise I have not lost much weight. I am 5’7″ and weigh 217, 41 year old woman. My body fat is around 35%. I am very solid and I do not look as though I weigh what I weigh. As for diet, I stay away from much sugar and bread, eat protein especially after exercise and really watch intake amount. I have had my thyroid tested by an endocrinologist and it is okay. I have tryed calorie intake of 1000 calories with no weight loss. I bumped it up to 1500 and began to gain weight. This was eating a fairly low carb menu. I do have to eat some carbs before working out though to not feel light-headed. Anyway, all that to say that I am frustrated at the lack of weight loss. I work extremely hard at this. I am just not sure what else to do. Last year I had some success at drinking 5 protein shakes per day and a low carb meal at night, but once again, I had to have some carbs in order to exercise at the intensity level I need. I’d appreciate any pointers you might have for my situation. Thanks, Sunny

  12. hoodia 14 years ago

    @Michelle, you seem to know what you are talking about. Do you mind shooting me your email? I would like to chat more with you.

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