“Testosterone boosting” supplements/formulas have become a very popular category in the supplement industry of late. It seems everyone, boy or man, seems to want to “boost” their levels of the hormone that makes men men. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of this hormone, and readers can see that via my other writings on the topic found throughout this web site. Everyone, men and women, can potentially benefit from maintaining optimal levels of this essential hormone.

However, this write up is not going to cover the hormone per se, but to discuss the various over-the-counter (OTC) products/formulas claiming to increase it. As there are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of products/formulas on the market at this point, all claiming to “boost” this important hormone, I am going to be talking in generalities about these products vs. a specific ingredient or formula.

A few ingredients in these formulas have been shown – via dubious “research” at best – to have a small impact on T, with the majority of them either having no research behind them or research that found they did nada for T levels.

To summarize this supplement category, the T booster supplements generally contain ingredients that:

• Have no data behind them – or –
• The data they do have is of very poor quality/ and/or taken out of context/not applicable – or –
• The doses used in the formula are far below what a study used to get the effect.

Obviously, the above can (and does!) apply to many products/formulas in the sports nutrition industry, but I find the “T boosters” worse then other categories in that respect.

OK, so lets give some T booster product the benefit of the doubt and say it does have some effects on T. That brings up a few important issues to consider.

Physiological Threshold Concepts

Here’s a simple thought experiment: If you take a small amount of testosterone, say 25mg per week of T- propionate•, will your testosterone levels go up slightly for a short time? Yes. Will your muscle mass increase and or your strength increase? Nope. Anyone who has ever taken any T – or knows the first thing about the topic – knows  there’s a threshold dose at which one actually experiences changes in body composition and or strength.

The point being, it’s one thing to show formula/ingredient X has had some small impact on serum testosterone (and most have not…), quite another to show that change actually had any effects on body composition or other end points people using such products generally care about, such as increases in strength and muscle mass.

As with any hormone, there’s a physiological threshold that has to be met before it actually impacts muscle mass, strength, etc.

Anyone who has ever used T in the form of cypionate or enanthate (both long acting esters of T) knows that changes in body composition generally start at around 200mg per week at the least, with more being the norm.
The above assumes a person with “normal” testosterone levels vs. HRT/TRT therapy for those who are found to be medically low in T.••

So, with all that, do you really think that T booster supplement you are using – which already tends to lack any solid data to begin with – is really going to be the equivalent of  200mg per week of testosterone Cypionate? If so, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya’…Hell, the sound of exotic sports cars can raise T levels. Do you think listening to the sound of a Maserati,

Lamborghini and Ferrari before you hit the gym will result in more muscle mass? Me neither….Which brings us to the next section in expectation of the obvious question: how does one know if the T booster he’s using is having any effects on the production of T?•••

Do you put air in your tires without checking the pressure?

Do you put air in your tires without actually checking to see if you need any air or what the air pressure actually is before you add additional air to the tires? I know I don’t, but that’s exactly what you’re doing (assuming said T booster actually has any effects on T…) by using such a product without actually knowing what your T levels were when you started. Altering your T levels is not a minor undertaking, nor should it be done casually, and it can have long term effects, both positive and negative. As I indicated – and we will get more into depth on the topic shortly – I have no faith these products are actually impacting T either at all, or enough to actually cause any changes in body composition (e.g., increases in LBM and or decreases in BF) or strength anyway; but having no idea where you are starting from and if the product is doing anything, is just about as dumb as it gets.

I was going to say something more polite and PC like “it’s not logical” but screw that, it’s just stupid, not to mention a big waste of money in the long run.

If you want to go the Bro Logic/Bro Science/hopeful thinking/placebo-driven route, it’s your money, I guess. I know, I know, you’re that one person who is immune to placebo effects…

Interesting side note – and something I will blog about in the near future, is the fact that placebos are getting stronger! It’s vexing the pharmaceutical industry as we speak, in fact.
A very quick word on Non-T mediated Effects.
This article is looking at two specific issues as it relates to the T booster products:

• The impact on T levels specifically
• That people are using them in an attempt to alter body composition and or increase strength

I am not looking at other potential uses, such as for libido and such, which may happen by what’s called “non-T mediated” effects. Meaning, they have an effect, but not via testosterone per se. For example, Horny goat weed contains biologically active compounds that may have Viagra-like effects  that act via PDE 5 inhibition.  There are other active compounds found in various herbs and such that show some promise in the areas of libido and others, but they are often not doing their “thing” via testosterone, and even if they are, that does not mean the effects it’s having on testosterone – be it to lower SHBGs, increase free T, or what have you – is adequate to impact body composition and or strength. And, as mentioned previously, many of these compounds are very dose specific, which may or may not exist in that dose in the product/formula in question. Finally, no place is the placebo effect stronger then is the area of libido, but we won’t go there…

An Open Offer….

I have made this offer via email (after being contacted by various manufacturers of some T boosting product usually asking why I’m being so hard on this category of supplements), and on various forums and such, but will put it out there for all to see:

To any seller/manufacturer of a “T Booster” type product/formula. If you wish to have the product tested to see if it truly does increase T levels, I will be all too happy to have it tested for you. Be it, a true double-blind placebo crossover trial, which could also test whether or not the product in question will alter body composition (in response to resistance training of course), or as a simple open label study.••••

For those who don’t know, the open label study is the weakest study design, which means its validity may be questioned. However, done correctly, it can at least give some decent info and it’s the least expensive study to do by far. In this case, it would simply be used to test for the effects on T levels, vs. any effects on the more important issue of changes in body composition and or strength.

I would simply send say 20 men, all of whom are approximately the  same age, with approximately the same amount of time in the gym, and other variables of importance, and have their T levels tested before, during (mid way) and after using the product. Obviously, they would all be told not to alter their diet, training programs, or supplement intakes during the study period, which would be decided by myself and the company funding it.
The costs would simply be 3 blood draws 3 times X 20 men (as an example, but there may be more or less people in the study), my costs, and the cost of the product. I would personally tabulate the lab tests results, etc, and write it up. Not perfect, but a lot better then what most companies currently offer as “proof” their T-booster has any effects on T.

If there is a statistically significant effect on T,••••• I will of course eat my words that such formulas – or at least the formula tested – don’t generally do jack for T (much less body comp and/or strength, which would not be addressed by such an open label type study…), will post the results everywhere and anywhere I can (which is a lot of dang places!), and of course the company can use the results for their own marketing with my blessings. I will not, of course, withdraw my major point: even if said product actually does increase T, this result does not imply a change in body composition and/or strength unless that too (a much more complex and expensive undertaking to do correctly) is examined.

Of course, if the results show the product does nothing for T levels – or whatever else gets tested for  – I will post that too…

That’s my open offer – call it a challenge if you like – to those manufacturers/sellers/proponents making some outlandish claims about T-boosting products.

I won’t be holding my breath waiting for anyone to take me up on the offer.
Finally, if you want to get your own T levels checked – whether you be using such a product or not –  ask your doctor or simply do it with the Life Extension Foundation who will do it by mail using a local lab for the blood draw.

Wanna know what supplements  actually have solid science behind then? What’s been shown to be worthless? What’s worth your hard earned money for supplements? This site has tons of free info, and my ebooks – BBR and FLR –  cover the topic in great depth


• = A fast acting ester of T
•• = Typical replacement dose for TRT/HRT is 100mg weekly of Cyp/enanth with doses adjusted up or down depending on blood work and other factors. There are also other methods: patches, gels, etc.
••• = There’s  also additional issues that need to be addressed, such the total T/free T ratio, SHBGs, estrogen increases/decreases, possible impact on the HPTA, and other possible changes that are beyond the scope of this here  write up and would be potentially specific to the ingredient/product/formula in question.
•••• = if you have such a study already done, and it has been published in a peer reviewed legit journal, by all means, send me a copy and I will be happy to read it, and if it passes the smell test, happy to recommend it!
••••• = Of course other things of importance can also be tested for, such as changes in free T/total T, E2, etc, but that will increase the costs.
You want the truth??!!


  1. Rob McElhenney 14 years ago

    Using LabCorp Values, is the range for optimal free T between 15 and 26.5 pg/mL?

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Rob, best to check with Labcorp on that one. Different labs often use slightly different values. Generally speaking, you want your free T toward the top of the high “normal” range if possible. See my article “It’s In Your Blood” got more info on that topic.

      • Mark DiGiovanni 14 years ago

        Hey Will,
        I'm 49 yr old male 155lbs working out for many years. Had been diagnosed with Prostatitis two years ago. Blood work also turned up low T levels and low free T levels. I did gel first then the patch they didn't do anything. Started 200mg of testosterone shots every two weeks. That definitely worked, my level at one point was up from 177 to 745 and my muscles felt really solid. Only problem was the side effects. Back acne and testicular atrophy. I stopped and started taking DHEA up from 25mg to 50mg on workout days. T is still on the low side but according to the Doc seems to be working. Total T is @ 285 and free T is 2.2% and 62.9 pg/mL. If you have some time to reply would like your thoughts on my treatment and if I should go back on the shots. I can deal with the testicular atrophy but not the acne.

        • Earl Shawhan 8 years ago

          I have been on Dhea every day for a little over 15 years and my testosterone level is a minimum of 618 and I am told I look 40 and I am 51. I have also had no adverse effects from Dhea unless you consider extreme confidence one. You are welcomw to e-mail me anytime and with any questions I am in a hurry right now. GOOD LUCK
          Sorry: I take 25mg a day

      • Mark DiGiovanni 14 years ago

        Hey Will,
        I'm 49 yr old male 155lbs working out for many years. Had been diagnosed with Prostatitis two years ago. Blood work also turned up low T levels and low free T levels. I did gel first then the patch they didn't do anything. Started 200mg of testosterone shots every two weeks. That definitely worked, my level at one point was up from 177 to 745 and my muscles felt really solid. Only problem was the side effects. Back acne and testicular atrophy. I stopped and started taking DHEA up from 25mg to 50mg on workout days. T is still on the low side but according to the Doc seems to be working. Total T is @ 285 and free T is 2.2% and 62.9 pg/mL. If you have some time to reply would like your thoughts on my treatment and if I should go back on the shots. I can deal with the testicular atrophy but not the acne.

      • Mark DiGiovanni 14 years ago

        Hey Will,
        I'm 49 yr old male 155lbs working out for many years. Had been diagnosed with Prostatitis two years ago. Blood work also turned up low T levels and low free T levels. I did gel first then the patch they didn't do anything. Started 200mg of testosterone shots every two weeks. That definitely worked, my level at one point was up from 177 to 745 and my muscles felt really solid. Only problem was the side effects. Back acne and testicular atrophy. I stopped and started taking DHEA up from 25mg to 50mg on workout days. T is still on the low side but according to the Doc seems to be working. Total T is @ 285 and free T is 2.2% and 62.9 pg/mL. If you have some time to reply would like your thoughts on my treatment and if I should go back on the shots. I can deal with the testicular atrophy but not the acne.

        • Author
          willbrink 14 years ago

          Mark, DHEA is not a T replacement as your levels show, and it increases E2 (estrogen) as well as T in men. DHEA is good for DHEA replacement in people with low DHEA. Your saying the patch and or gel had no effects on actual T levels via blood tests? A 100mg per week dose schedule on the shots will prevent the big spikes and drops the 200mg per 2 weeks schedule creates and might solve the acne issues, but that's a guess on my part.

  2. makster 14 years ago

    Great article Will. I have used so-called T booster products before, when I first started lifting. Of course after getting BBR and seeing you’re take on them, I saw the error of my ways.
    I only took them for about a month. I felt no different and my blood test showed no difference. They sure did’nt work for me.

  3. Dennis 14 years ago

    Will, any insight on something from MuscleLink called RecoveryX, specifically Methoxyisoflavone?? Using it with chromium and having good results.

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Dennis, Methoxy has been around forever and is worthless as a T booster. I cover methoxy in the BBR ebook, as well as many other supps BTW. Methoxy would be a perfect example of my major points in this article.

  4. dennis b 14 years ago

    even though i agree that you should be towards high normal range, most endo’s won’t give you the means to adjust a range to “optimize” it. seems like if you are in the range stated on test form, you are pretty much stuck unless there are other symptoms. but in general, you cannot buy a T boost OTC.
    dennis b

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Dennis, I agree, it’s not easy to find a doc/endo who is willing to tweak T levels to what may be optimal, but there are a few. Many endos I know will not even test for E2 because they have decided it plays no role in men…and hormones are supposed to be their area of expertise!

  5. Jesse 14 years ago

    Wow! A long way around to say what we already know about ALL supplements….
    (If you want to double your money…fold
    it in half and put it back in your pocket.)

  6. aj 14 years ago

    What is your opinion on Cellucor’s P6 T-booster.

  7. Author
    Will Brink 14 years ago

    Jesse, I don’t agree with you at all. Plenty of supplements do “work” and are worth taking. A search around this web site will turn up plenty of info on supplements worth using.
    Aj, my article says it all about my opinion of X brand of T Booster. It will fall under one of my specific comments about all formulas that fall in this category.

  8. Tony L. 14 years ago

    I am 50 yrs old and while I am not seriously over weight, I am very much out of shape.
    I want to start on a routine that will get me back in decent shape. I have no illusions of being Mr. America, I just want to get out of my size 38 pants and back to a 34. (205 lbs to 185) I am, of course not as young as I once was and feel I need all the help I can get.
    On a recent trip to Mexico I purchased (at a pharmacy) a product called Testoprim-D.
    The pharmacist said it would boost my Testosterone level. It is an injectable med, and the kit came with syringe and needles. (all sterile and sealed) I would like your opinion before I use this. Thank You.
    Tony l. Chicago

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Tony. I hope you read that article closely, specifically the section about putting air into tires without knowing the air pressure…My understanding is Testoprim-D is a T mixture that contains 200mg Enanthate & 50mg Propionate. I wouldn’t trust anything from a Mexican pharmacy personally, and highly recommend you work with a doc before mucking around with your T levels in the form of a product from some Mexican pharmacy.

  9. Dan 14 years ago

    Will, You mentioned E2, as I am familiar with. I know of prescription ways to control E2. Are you familiar with any OTC supplements to control E2? Thanks for your knowledge & resources! Dan

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Dan, that one is complicated. Some of the more interesting products, such as 6-oxo were removed from the market. Altering estrogen, be is E2 or other, gets complicated quickly as you activate various feedback loops, may have mixed agonist/antagonist effects, etc. It’s a bit beyond the blog at the moment. Some estrogen is needed in men (so lower the better is not true) and just like T, needs to be adjusted with blood work as the guide.

  10. kevin 14 years ago

    Hi Will,
    I’ve tried some of the T supplements and found they didn’t do anything for me. I’ve also taken T Cypionate 100mg weekly and saw a profound effect. My T level was middle-range but free T was below normal range. But I eventually quit because of side-effects: Muscle soreness for no good reason, stiff joints, swollen hands and the constant worry that estrogen levels were going up along with T.

  11. JOHN 14 years ago

    Hi Will, does your article cover pro-hormones like the T6 Black, that has been recently banned, and products like 3-AD 4-AD 1-Androsterone etc. If not what is your opinion of these products. excellent to have someone who cuts through the bull. thanks

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      John, pro hormones and “designer supplements” are another issue. Some of the comments made in this article would apply, some would not. Pro hormones and or designer supplements come with their own list of issues. Being most of them are banned, it’s something of a moot issue really. I know some web sites are still selling such things under the radar, but I don’t recommend using any of them.

  12. Nick Busick 14 years ago

    This is a well written article that evidence can easily support. My personal experience seems to be reflected in some comments and in the article as well.
    I would encourage everyone and in particular men, to have hormone levels checked. After some experimentation I have found the gel Testim to work the best for me. (note: I do not represent Testim.) It takes a little bullying with a MD sometimes, but well worth the effort. A few months back I noticed the marketing push for “Low T”. I laughed to myself wondering how they were going to handle disclaimers.
    Another good point made is dosage. It just does not work properly without adequate dosages in either nutritional supplements or drugs. I believe in nutritional supplementation and my personal experiences support that statement. More times than not, I had to research what I wanted the end result to be and what dosage for me personally it would take to maintain it. Specific high dosages of any number of individual amino acids is a great example. Examples: L-carnitine, Phenylalanine and the list can go on.
    Again – Great informative article.

  13. Slim Charles 14 years ago

    Will, you mentioned 6-oxo being interesting? In what sense? Do you consider it a good product?
    Also, what are your thoughts on Forskolin? Many T-boosters these days are using it and it seems to have some research behind it.

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Slim, 6 oxo was interesting in that it appeared to alter the T/E ratio in a positive direction and acted as a legit anti E. I don’t think it had any real anabolic properties, but still had some potential uses that needed to be hashed out with more research that wont take place now that it’s banned. Forskolin shows some promise, but its effects on bodycomp appear to be non T mediated. Also, make sure the doses used for forskolin match what’s in the product….

  14. RICARDO 14 years ago


    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Ricardo, you don’t have to yell at us….There’s many free articles here on the site that discuss supplements. As for the T Boosters, this articles says it all I think. I recommend all men after 35 get their T levels tested yearly, and work with a doc if it needs adjustment/HRT.

  15. Kerry Chesser 14 years ago

    Will, what seem to work, a-la Sylvester Stallone, is HGH. I saw a picture of a 70 year-old doctor in a muscle mag. who takes HGH and was he ever buff! I think this may be the supplement of the future. I believe that at the present time it is very expensive, though! What say ye?

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Kerry, GH is a drug/hormone, so it will no be the supplement of the future. It’s already in common use via anti aging clinics and such. I do have some GH related info on the site here if interested. I think testosterone is a more interesting hormone. GH is over rated. There’s also no reason to assume GH is the only hormone used by said movie star….

      • Ross 10 years ago

        How about “drops of life” a natural hGh supplement that you rub on. Its expensive and been in use for over 20 years by athletes and stars

  16. Gary L. 14 years ago

    Will, great article on T-boosters, Thanks. Anywho, a local weight loss clinic has an ad in the local paper offering HCG(Human Chorionic gonadotropin) for weight loss. They state you can lose a pound a day. Their ad also states it releases fat stores of 2300-3500 per day and supresses appetite. Is this for real? In my 53 yrs. spanking the weights with a little intense cardio and clean diet would get the job done. Would this kind of therapy work for an obese relative who we are easing into an exercise program?

    • Jim 14 years ago

      I have a friend that tried that. It's rubbish. They give you some amino acid spray that is supposed to be some analog of HCG for $80 and tell you to load up on food for two days (4000 calories) and then go on a 6 week 500 calorie a day diet (and the diet is restricted to certain foods). Of course you'll lose weight, and plenty of muscle too. And as far as HCG goes, I imagine it is a hormone that requires a prescription, just like real T and if it sounds too good to be true, it is. May be it worked for Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, but it's pretty much a hoax as far as I am concerned. The crazy thing is in "phase 3" of the diet, my friend has to eat 4000 calories a day and somehow, without exercise, his metabolism will go up and keep burning fat. If he gains more than 2 lbs, he goes on a steak day where he skips breakfast and lunch, and has a 30-40oz steak for dinner. That's nuts, and that's coming from me. There were a couple times I was concerned about his electrolyte levels. I say it's dangerous.
      Keep up the good work Will.

  17. Bob T 14 years ago

    Will, great article and thank you for writing it and responding to the posts here too.
    Question, if a person is already taking androgel (prescribed) and has t levels in the mid normal range for a 53 yr old man, will/can otc products boost t levels further?

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Bob, as the article is pretty much dedicated the fact i don’t think the OTC T boosters are worth a damn in general, the answer is, no, I don’t think any OTC T boosters would do much, but never say never: it’s a very large category of products, so it will depend. I suggest you simply use more gel if you want to boost up T levels.

  18. Damon Rigby 14 years ago

    Some T boosting supps are actually clinically proven. In fact the british journal of sports medicine has confirmed Tongkat ali is now a clinically proven anabolic. see
    http://bjsm.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/full/37/5/464 (requires a free registration)
    Also ZMA taken correctly is proven to boost T levels
    Also in my opinion, and through researching and taking more than 30 different supplements; Tribulus, arginine and cordyceps also have a positive effect. I’m aware of placebo but these have been physical changes such as increased strength, loss of weight without diet changes

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Damon, you are incorrect on all counts and a perfect example of all the points I made in the article. (note to readers, there was also a spam URL I removed). I will address some of your comments:
      “Some T boosting supps are actually clinically proven.”
      “Clinically proven” is a worthless marketing term. It’s not used by anyone who understands science. See my comments on that in the free give away reports on this site, etc.
      “In fact the british journal of sports medicine has confirmed Tongkat ali is now a clinically proven anabolic.”
      The journal “confirmed” no such thing. They simply printed an abstract on the topic, which “confirms” nothing. The study is exactly what I am talking about when I mean the research on such supplements tends to come from questionable sources. The author happens to profit from sales, etc, etc.
      “Also ZMA taken correctly is proven to boost T levels”
      No, it is not. Some studies found there was an effect, other later studies found no effects. Also, see my comments on rasing T levels vs. actually altering bodycomp…
      ” I’m aware of placebo but these have been physical changes such as increased strength, loss of weight without diet changes”
      Which is exactly what placebo do…It’s amazing to me how few people really understand the placebo effect, the power of it, and how everyone, unable to deal with the fact their brain works like everyone else, wants to think they are that one person immune to it.
      If you are interested in the actual science of these supplements, I highly recommend you consider my ebook Bodybuilding Revealed, which from your comments above, would probably save you $$$$.
      Good luck.

  19. Brady 14 years ago

    Will,……you’re the man. Your blunt honesty on topics like this is appreciated. I admit I have tried 2 or 3 of the “T-boosters” over the years. I kept thinking “this product will be different”. Oh well, a lesson learned.

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Brady. lesson learned as you say! 🙂

  20. Damon Rigby 14 years ago

    You mean to say placebo can effect physical changes? what about (for example) the study on Tongkat Ali? are you saying the results are wrong? made up? or something else? How about say a swimming test on mice (surely they are immune from placebo affects?) and yes I know that studies on mice don’t alway translate into the same affects on humans.
    Trying to monetize this was really an afterthought but I truly believe after months of research these have effects beyond mere placebo.

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Damon, yes, of course placebo effects can lead to physical changes. Why would there be a placebo group in studies if they didn’t? Read article linked in the article on T supps regarding placebos and how big pharma is vexed over the fact they appear to be getting “stronger.” Tongkat Ali is a perfect example of everything outlined of why I have so little faith in this category of supplements. I wouldn’t spend my $$$ on it, but you are of course free to do so…it’s your money. Good look.

      • Mathan 10 years ago

        You didn’t answer about why mice improved too if it’s placebo?
        Let’s consider something for a moment. The brain is a wonderful machine, as you outlined, placebo effect is very powerful. If your brain were to somehow hinder the pain to allow you to push harder and longer, or if it boosted your confidence giving you the will to push harder, would you say that the placebo effect caused by the marketing department of the supplement maker is a waste of money?
        Yes, the supplement makers lied about the ingredients themselves being effective. Yes, a sugar pill would do the same. But the marketers did something that, in my mind, is worth money: give you what you expected.
        If a treatment works, even by placebo effect, then it works. Nothing more to say about it…
        Now, I liked your article and I believe every word you said. My comment is only about the fact that you recommend someone who benefits from these supplements (placebo) to stop them for no good reason.

        • Author
          Will Brink 10 years ago

          What mice are you referring to exactly? Two, we are not mice, so effects in animals (in this case mice) often do not translate to humans. When human studies are done, then I start to take notice. Rats, mice, rabbits, not so much,
          If paying your hard earned $$$ on a product that does not work as claimed and depends on marketing hard to illicit a strong placebo effect is money well spent in your opinion, fine by me. It’s your money.
          I am just presenting the facts as they exist, and leave it to the reader to decide if they wish to use a product. Me, I’ll spend my hard earned money on products that have been shown to be more effective than placebo in head to head comparisons.
          Good luck

  21. Dom 14 years ago

    Interesting article, Will. Thank you for writing!

  22. glasnost 14 years ago

    Well Done! I Like it!

  23. John T. 14 years ago

    Great article. I found this while researching the IM Forums where you also have great info as well. I’ve read quite a bit all over the web. There’s so much confusion over this. I don’t have an opinion either for or against and can read between the lines/blurs/mumbo jumbo of what’s in print and find minimal reality of any facts supporting true positive results for any OTC T-booster product. This still leaves me in a quandary. I’m currently doing a cycle of 1-Andro/Anabolic Matrix and would like to keep my gains if any result from it. With all OTC products being pretty much useless for boosting test what would be a viable option for doing so as a PCT??

  24. Big 14 years ago

    instead of crying about how nothing works why not educate us on what does work especially if there is something that gives ua men more testosterone without a prescription.otherwise your just wineing if your so bad ass dont be part of the problem that most already realize or know by just telling us what does not work with no solution to the problem.give us a solution .the problem is most dont want or cant get or afford a pprescription or want to purchase a prescription illegally so they resort to supplements that dont work just for the hope /chance that it might be that one that does work .if u cant tell me something that solves these problems your not anything special so tell me soething i and we dont know and solve are problem or IMO your just another winer trying to look like u know something. thanx

  25. Author
    willbrink 14 years ago

    "Big" I have been educating people on what does work since you were in diapers I suspect. A simple look at my bio, the many articles here, a google search on my name (which will turn up many many pages dedicated to yours truly), etc, etc will make that clear enough. I suspect you also lack the science knowledge to comment on anything I write. That don't make you a bad person, it just makes you someone not qualified to comment on this article. Not all problems can be solved with a simple answer, amazing as that may seem to you. I do give plenty of hormonal/testosterone related advice in various articles here, so again, there's no lack of good info offered by me to "solve" the issues some people face. Regardless, I gave the facts as they exist regarding this specific group of products. Nothing more, nothing less. Good luck.

  26. Mike 14 years ago

    Will, I read an interesting article on Anthony Roberts' website regarding an herb called bulbine natalensis. He is claiming it to be a worthwhile testosterone booster and estrogen reducer. I was wondering if you know Anthony or his work, and if you have a take on this herb. I'll include a link to the article. Thanks for any feedback you might have regarding this.

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Mike, as you know, T boosting herbs come and go all the time. At this point, I just don't get very excited about it for reasons mentioned above. Until I see in vivo human studies showing actual changes in end points we care about (LBM, BF, strength, etc) I'm not that interested. I think his write up is interesting and compelling, and it might be worth a try, but my personal line in the sand for recommendation at this point with T Boosters, is fairly strict, and none of the herbal boosters pass that test for me personally as outlined in the article above. Yes, I'm jaded and cranky and a stickler for objective data, which is generally well above what the industry in general sets the bar. A study, done in rats, out of Romania, is all that's needed for most to sell the stuff…=/

      • chaim 13 years ago

        I think a good comment to all this would be "if any supplement really lives up to its extraodinary claims the FDA would ban it as a drug Its as simple as that".

      • James 11 years ago

        The research was reasonably solid on it in my opinion, but only in rats. Furthermore, the same researchers also found hepatotoxic effects of bulbine natalensis in a separate study, and also found it to be a bit harsh on the kidneys in rats (Afolayan & Yakubu, 2009). A supplement company also had a bunch of people measure their testosterone levels before and after taking bulbine natalensis (ProLensis), and found that testosterone levels rose by more than 225% if I recall, but there is always the possibility of data fabrication / bias there. Though I share Will’s scepticism, I do believe that this product has some promise when you compare it to other so-called testosterone boosters (e.g., tribulus terrestris). I am going to give it a try out of curiosity after I come to learn a proper equivalent dosage based on the animal research. Testimonials and trials of the product suggest that it is effective, but most testimonials focus on how the people ‘felt’, without any mention of actual testosterone measurements. The fact that it actually lowered oestrogen levels as well was particularly interesting, seeing as oestrogen levels typically increase when testosterone does due to aromatisation. If I remember, I’ll check back in here with the before and after results of my blood tests to help assess whether this product lives up to the hype. Most ineffective testosterone boosters are over-marketed, but ProLensis has been a quiet achiever, so hopefully I’ll see some results in the gym and the blood-work!

        • Jules257 11 years ago

          Did you try the Bulbine Already? Im quite interessted in your experinece with this Supplement as im thinking about giving it. A try as well.

  27. rj langman insurance 13 years ago

    The best topic I have read all day?!
    hanns insurance

  28. ddh 13 years ago

    Hi Will,
    Just bought your BBR e-book late last week and almost through it all already- great read and lots of good info! I have a neighbor who takes something called t-pro (maybe that's just the slang for it) and I mentioned to him that they are really low doses and don't do enough to make a difference. He said that's why he takes a bunch of them. Sounds like the prevailing "wisdom" there is that if it's only 25mg/week and you need 200mg/week to see a result, just take 8 x the dosage to get results. What would you say to that? I am sure he's not the only out there with that line of thought.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Last time I checked, 8X0 = 0. I don't know what exactly he's using, so it's impossible to fully comment. You might want to direct him to my article and or vid on T Boosting supps. Glad you are enjoying BBR. 😀

      • ddh 13 years ago

        Sorry, should have actually checked with him for the name before posting! He says it's called T-Bol. I just did a search online and it sounds like it is something that is more like a pro-hormone in that it's supposed to stimulate testosterone and not actual contain it. Not sure about the dosages, but as you said if there is no actual testosterone in it, 8×0=0! I will definitely point him here though he seemed to be more negative on it after talking with him yesterday- he's seeing it more as a waste of his money which means he's probably not having much success with it.

  29. Nasrin 13 years ago

    Hi Will. I am a 35 years old feamle. I have been worked so hard with tensive weight lifting around 5 years and now I am in a very good shape and figure but I have never used any supplement other than some different kinds of protein drinks and I was wondering have you got any idea about if i can take any kind of a supplement with no side affect for women, I really want to gain more muscle as I am already the only women with muscle in our Gym any way, so I need your help. Thank you Nasrin From UK

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Have you read my article and or watched the vid on DHEA? Search DHEA in the search box, and you will find it. That's a female specific supplement. Creatine is another supplement, and there's a lot of info on the site here on that. If you want to save yourself years of wasted time and money, I recommend you consider my Body Building Revealed Program which covers everything one needs to know on the topic of gaining strength and muscle.

  30. Tim 13 years ago

    What are your views on d aspartic acid? Supposedly this raises testosterone levels by up to 40% or so.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Currently, my opinion would be the same per the article above. The studies in terms of actually raising testosterone look promising, at least in that respect, it appears to pass that one essential hurdle. If new studies come out that continue to look promising for d aspartic acid, it may get a thumbs up from me.

      • James 11 years ago

        D-aspartic acid does deliver in terms of elevating testosterone levels, but unfortunately people are usually looking for steroid-like effects when assessing natural testosterone boosters. A 33% increase in testosterone – as is usually seen in people supplementing with d-aspartic acid for at least 12 days – will only marginally aid muscle gains. Most people who have actually checked their testosterone levels before and after using d-aspartic acid have reported increases in free and bound testosterone levels. I am currently supplementing with it and am 10 days in. I have experienced a libido increase and ‘perhaps’ some minor gym-intensity increases in the last 2-3 days. I am going to get my follow-up blood test in 5 days time, and will post the results here if I remember to do so.

  31. Toyota Aristo 13 years ago

    great post. I have always loved trucks. cya

    • neal 13 years ago

      any opinion on Gaspari Nolvedex XT

      • joe 11 years ago

        Nolvedex xt is very similar to novadex, an aromatase inhibitor which is a prescription drug used for treating breast cancer in women.It binds to the androgen receptors making the body think it is flooded with estrogen, making you increase your natural T.
        You can see a few forums in cutting edge muscle where people have cycled it and have increased their test levels from 400ng/dl to over 1200ng/dl.
        I have taken it myself without doing blood work. I definitely felt a change.
        Any AI will increase T levels.
        I believe Novadex XT was taken off the shelves a while back.
        There are a number of side affects to any drug, and Novadex has a quite a few.
        As someone who has ben a natural body builder and later “juiced” I can say there are a lot of products on the market and in the stores that can doa lot of harm to you, as well to your pocket book with no results.
        It is far safer sticking yourself with a needle than taking some of the “supplements” you can get at GNC.
        A few years back GNC sold M1T, a very potent steroid with very serious liver toxicity.

  32. mike 13 years ago

    Testosterone is not your friend – or your prostate’s friend when you get nolder

  33. George 13 years ago

    I found out what you said more likely be true about T-Boosters. I found out personally that by combining the Supplements of D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and last but not least my fav Zinc. I personally used them just be for I go to bed at night. You’ll get up the next day feeling good and relax but I found out that in time you testosterone slowly builds back up. But the reason why males lose testosterone because of stress by work or outside of work as well as over working out to much and not give your body time to recover. Even too much of caffeine could hurt your testosterone levels. Just riding a bike could rise your t level as well as hitting the bag or jogging or running or even swimming to keep the heart and lungs strong because your t levels rely on them. I was thinking about taking them but after doing my homework, it’s not worth it.

  34. t bomb 13 years ago

    I cherished as much as you will obtain performed proper here. The comic strip is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. nevertheless, you command get bought an nervousness over that you would like be delivering the following. in poor health undoubtedly come more in the past once more since exactly the similar nearly very continuously inside case you protect this hike.

  35. Benefits of HGH Supplements - Reverse the effects of aging with HGH Releasers! 12 years ago

    What i don’t realize is if truth be told how you are not actually much more well-preferred than you might be now. You’re very intelligent. You understand thus significantly relating to this topic, made me personally imagine it from a lot of various angles. Its like men and women don’t seem to be involved until it’s something to accomplish with Girl gaga! Your personal stuffs excellent. Always take care of it up!

  36. Jyoseph 12 years ago

    Whew, $400 for blood test, yikes! Is it cheaper at the doctor?
    Is it possible that these T “boosters” provide enough of a boost to increase the drive to workout (and intensity of the workout)?

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Depends on your insurance, but if paying cash, yes, that’s way less expensive. Obviously, your other Q depends on the “T booster” in question as most have no effects on T at all and or may work through some other mechanism then actually increasing T and so forth.

      • jyoseph 12 years ago

        Roger that, thanks. Going to contact my doctor about testing. I do have insurance but end up paying for a lot of the stuff outright because of a wicked high deductible. I’m 33 now and have seen a big decrease in drive and it seems like I can just look at food and get fat.

  37. Jay Wolff 11 years ago

    Thank you, you just saved me a lot of money!

  38. Philiup 11 years ago

    Hi. You assertions are interesting, however as far as I an ascertain you have the conclusion fairly well established, at least n an emotional level, to be pretty well biased towards the failing of a supplement. Do you really think that with this attitude anyone in their right mind will subject their product to your handling, scientific or not.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      My conclusions are based on the hard science (or lack there of…), vs the hype, marketing, and hyperbole used by sellers of such products. My creds are well established in the industry for being one of the few objective voices out there, and many within the scientific community who do actual research on supplements, no me well, and I have been a paid consultant for many a supplement company. Hence, many have indeed had no issue with my “handling” of their products.
      I suspect you lack any formal science/med training and can’t tell the difference between a true attempt at looking objectively at a product, vs what you might (incorrectly) interpret as anti supplement. I take more supplements than you do I’ll wager, and more than most in fact, having researched and written on supplements for 20 Years or.
      The only companies who should worry, are those who already know their products are unlikely to survive even the most basic scrutiny mentioned in the above article.

  39. Jonathan Bagshaw 11 years ago

    Will. Any opinion on the new T booster been pushed by Joe Rogan for onnit.com? He’s a reputable guy right???!

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      My comments in the above article would still apply regardless of which actor/comedian endorses it.:)

    • jon 11 years ago

      joe rogan has admitted he takes hgh and trt test replacement therapy, so regardless what he promotes, his healthy diet of the right food n drugs is the reason he is in the shape he is in now!

  40. David Andrews 11 years ago

    I know thus sounds crazy, but…bee pollen! I think it has raised my T. Have you heard this nutty idea?

    • David Andrews 11 years ago

      actually, I meant to say “royal jelly” not bee pollen…it’s just that the supplement I take has both…

      • Author
        Will Brink 11 years ago

        Neither will do a thing for your T levels. Total waste of $$$. Good luck, 🙂

  41. marc 11 years ago

    hi i love your work my question beside you DR. mauro dispasquale seem to be the real deal also and he too has been researching for a longtime and even tho i havent bought your book sports supplement bible im sure you have covered what works after these years of your research.now could you tell me hopefully if mauro,s produtcs are any good i realize you might say say buy book either way thanks for the truthful knowledge! take care.

    • David Andrews 11 years ago

      Hi Will, thanks for taking the time (and energy) to do the appropriate research I enjoy your articles for Life Extension and Life Enhancement.
      I know HGH enhancement is kind of tricky,and you may NOT want to increase it, but have you had any experience with the Serovital [product. I am 68 year-old male.

  42. CARLOS FERNANDEZ 11 years ago

    Well done. By time someone put an end on this topic.

  43. Kim 11 years ago

    Will, great article! Do you have an article on HGH injections and oral boosters? I would like to see your take on the subject. I am 58 year old male.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      HGH injections and oral boosters, two totally different topics really. Anything that’s OTC for GH “boosters” you can apply what I said about T boosters to GH boosters, and the answer the same. Prescription GH, is a totally different thing. You’ll find some GH related stuff in vid or article form on the BrinkZone here via the search box on the site
      BTW, I cover GH boosters in depth in The Sports Supplement Bible or the full Body Building Revealed Program, if interested.

  44. gary 11 years ago

    Will, quite possibly the best article of this ilk anywhere on the web. Thanks. Here is my question that I have never seen an answer for. There is a product called Andromen Forte that claims to be prescription testosterone in the AU, but is legal to buy in the US. Is this a supplement then or a drug? I mean, if it is real pharmaceutical test, then it must be super weak to be legal to order in the US.Your thoughts.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      It’s a testosterone cream (5% I recall) that may or may not get stopped when attempting to ship the US. It’s not a supplement.

      • gary 11 years ago

        Is 5% under that threshold you spoke of . . . you know, that raises testosterone, but won’t really build visual muscle? Is this even close to what bodybuilders would use. Thanks.

        • Author
          Will Brink 11 years ago

          Depends on what it does for your blood levels of T not what % the cream is per se.

  45. Chris 11 years ago

    Well Will –as ever you put the right perspective scientifically speaking. Keep up the good work !
    The web site is brilliant.

  46. Tungy 11 years ago

    Will increase in T actually increase the size of a man’s penis as claimed by some supplements manufacturers?

  47. Ken Mulgrew 11 years ago

    Great article Will, feel that reading it saved me needless, worthless, and costly experimenting on my own to reach the same conclusion. I get my bloodwork done yearly thru LEF, and my T has been low for several years now and declining each year (I’m 57) Free T is 6.8pg/mL and T serum is 363ng/dL. I workout with weights 4x weekly, healthy diet, and the rest oy my bloodwork is in proper range.
    My question to you is, should I be concerned about trying raise my T numbers, and if so how?
    Can you point me to other articles you’ve written?
    As always….YOU THE MAN 🙂 Thanks, Ken

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Search box upper right hand corner will bring you to various articles and vids on testosterone. I have a lot of info on that topic on this site you’ll find on search. Good luck!

      • Rob 11 years ago

        Hey Will…my concerns are very similar to Ken Mulgrew (last post above mine). I am 55, low Free T. I work with heavy weights 4 times a week and still have only minimal muscle mass. I’d love to read any specific article you have on this problem…can you lead me to the name of that article that I can search on.
        Also, if is normal/common to have only one or two low T symptoms and all the rest are fine. For instance, if my sex drive was any better my wife would kill me. But muscle mass stinks. I eat VERY clean, ideal weight, non smoker, been athletic since high school. Thanks much!

  48. Rob 11 years ago

    Hey Will…my concerns are very similar to Ken Mulgrew (last post above mine). I am 55, low Free T. I work with heavy weights 4 times a week and still have only minimal muscle mass. I’d love to read any specific article you have on this problem…can you lead me to the name of that article that I can search on.
    Also, if is normal/common to have only one or two low T symptoms and all the rest are fine. For instance, if my sex drive was any better my wife would kill me. But muscle mass stinks. I eat VERY clean, ideal weight, non smoker, been athletic since high school. Thanks much!

  49. still sceptical, provide me with a 120 day supply of your formule to conduct my own research/study, at no cost, and if a chemical analysis shows your hypothesis to have merit, I will endoarse your product. 11 years ago

    Robret D

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      What are you talking about? Did you actually read the article before commenting? Don’t think so…

  50. Robert D. 11 years ago

    still sceptical, provide me with a 120 day supply of your formula to conduct my own personal research/to develop an unbiased study, at no cost for the samples, and if a chemical analysis of my mortal plasma quantifies your hypothesis has merit, I will endorse it free.

  51. Mike 11 years ago

    People afraid of getting old have been looking for a miracle cure forever, starting with the fountain of youth. For every one of those people, there is someone willing to take their money. A bottle of multivitamins will cost a lot less and do the same thing which is absolutely nothing. All you can do is keep up the excercise, eat good food, not junk food, and love your significant other with all your heart. Live life to the fullest and stop looking for what you cant have.

  52. yano arias 11 years ago

    hi I read your article and was wondering if you had any info on tongkat ali ( eurocoma longafilia jack} 200 to 1 consentration and if actualy increses T level or another herbal concentrai such as macuna puama

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Then you may need to re read the article… 🙂
      Tongkat Ali will fall under the exact same advice ANY of them currently on the market. I do cover T Ali in depth – as well as most of the other “T boosters” on the market – in my Body Building Revealed Program and Sports Supplement Bible book, both easy to find on this site if interested in more details,
      Good luck!

  53. Antony 11 years ago

    increasing testosterone is not the same as increasing lean body mass, strength etc. I have, on occasion, and only some occasions, used anabolic steroids and received no benefit because of overtraining, incorrect rest, nutrition, and a million other pathways which can be totally or even partially blocked for some reason or another.Just because there is no direct connection between increase muscle strength, LBM etc etc blah, and the use of any supplement does not mean that there is NO increase in testosterone at all. You need to consider the WHOLE situation. This is just blanket condemnation. Be cautious, of course, but at least try safer options rather than immediately redirecting to what is really just drug abuse.

  54. Michael 11 years ago

    So I’m pretty much stuck either I have to keep taking Androgel and Neutropen for the rest of my life because of a brain tumor I conquered years ago, or stop and just keep getting more tired and loosing muscle mass , great! They are way too expensive and too many bad side effects/possible reactions! Wish there was a cheaper more safe way of replacing them!

    • Michael 11 years ago

      Diagnosed 1993 cleared 2009, low-t and low-growth hormone due to the brain tumor in the Pituitary gland. Tired, sex drive can probably use a kick start in the last few years, memory loss, aches and pains, okay I have many of the side effects of low-t and didn’t see any help when I was on Androgel and Neutropen!

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      If dosed correctly and monitored, the benefits FAR outweigh the “side effects/possible reactions” in most cases, specific medical conditions not withstanding.
      TRT is not very expensive, but the HGH can be for sure if insurance does not cover it to be sure.

      • Author
        Will Brink 11 years ago

        I’m not surprised there was no effects on body comp (compared to placebo) but I am a little surprised it had no stat sig effects on serum hormones tested. Regardless, falls where all “T boosters” fall for me via this prior article on T boosters*
        d-Aspartic acid supplementation combined with 28 days of heavy resistance training has no effect on body composition, muscle strength, and serum hormones associated with the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis in resistance-trained men
        Department of Health, Exercise and Biochemical Nutrition Lab, Human Performance, and Recreation, Baylor University, Waco, TX, USA
        It was hypothesized that d-aspartic acid (D-ASP) supplementation would not increase endogenous testosterone levels or improve muscular performance associated with resistance training. Therefore, body composition, muscle strength, and serum hormone levels associated with the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis were studied after 28 days of resistance training and D-ASP supplementation. Resistance-trained men resistance trained 4 times/wk for 28 days while orally ingesting either 3 g of placebo or 3 g of D-ASP.
        Data were analyzed with 2 × 2 analysis of variance (P < .05). Before and after resistance training and supplementation, body composition and muscle strength, serum gonadal hormones, and serum D-ASP and d-aspartate oxidase (DDO) were determined. Body composition and muscle strength were significantly increased in both groups in response to resistance training (P .05). Total and free testosterone, luteinizing hormone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, and estradiol were unchanged with resistance training and D-ASP supplementation (P > .05).
        For serum D-ASP and DDO, D-ASP resulted in a slight increase compared with baseline levels (P > .05). For the D-ASP group, the levels of serum DDO were significantly increased compared with placebo (P < .05). The gonadal hormones were unaffected by 28 days of D-ASP supplementation and not associated with the observed increases in muscle strength and mass.
        Therefore, at the dose provided, D-ASP supplementation is ineffective in up-regulating the activity of the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis and has no anabolic or ergogenic effects in skeletal muscle.
        Source: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0271531713001735
        * = http://www.brinkzone.com/articles/the-facts-on-testosterone-boosting-supplements/

  55. Craig 10 years ago

    What do you think about older guys (high 50’s) taking DHEA?

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      For what use? For possible health benefits, it’s a plus for men over 40, which I cover other places on the web site here. As a T booster, it’s not effective in men for TRT.

  56. Tom Coppola 10 years ago

    Hi Will, I read your article. And I was wondering, what testosterone booster would you recomend if any ??

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      I think if you read the article closely, you’ll find I have no faith in ANY OTC T boosters at this time.

  57. Ken 10 years ago

    So at this time you can’t recommend any supplement that works to increase T for someone in their 50’s?

  58. TW 10 years ago

    I enjoyed the article. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this site.
    Are you familiar with Nugenix?
    I have been taking it and would love to find a less expensive alternative.
    Taking it for help with libido

  59. gary 10 years ago

    I tried all kinds of testo its all bull does not work

  60. james 10 years ago

    everyone who is recommending or selling supplements all have a vested interest in tricking you. that includes the smooth talking author of this blog, who is selling ebooks apparently and uses the classic, its your money you can do what you want line as a pathetic reverse psychology technique when he sees hes not getting anywhere. . you should only ask 1 question and demand 1 thing: show me a medical report using human subjects in a peer reviewed journal written by authors who have NO VESTED INTEREST in the product they are using. if you cant get a straightforward answer to that, log off, go work out and extricate yourself from the chicanery artists lurking in every corner of the web whose sole purpose is to enter your wallet.

  61. Grant Monahan 10 years ago

    Thanks for the article. You saved me a lot of time and money. Other than creatine and protein powders, are there any products out there that will significantly help me build size and strength .

  62. Sharon 10 years ago

    What would you suggest for my husband who is 52. Low sex drive, less energy act.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      I’d recommend he see a doc and get his hormone levels checked, and take it from there. Article on blood work called “It’s In Your Blood” covers that topic well on the site here.

  63. Tim 10 years ago

    Have seen many ads for this stuff and thought about it myself. In looking at another one I found in a Popular Science mag I came across your website and your comments/thoughts etc on the T booster question. I like how straight forward you are and the honest and upfront offer you made. The whole article again confirmed for me that these people who sell these OTC boosters are just trying to make money. I guess they don’t realize yet that if they really offered a product that change body comp and did what we really want it to do….people would probably pay for it. Tks again. Would have clicked the like thing at the top but I don’t do facebook.

  64. Superdrol 10 years ago

    I like Superdrol

  65. D 10 years ago

    Thank you for your insites. I would be interested in you thoughts of so supplements that are at least somewhat beneficial without prescriptions. Kind of a natural enhancement of sorts. Thanks again for you views and informative reports. You interested follower. Dan. ☆

  66. Kevin 10 years ago

    As a natural bodybuilder of 53 years, I can honestly say I’ve tried everything the
    ‘supplement’ has dreamed up. With the exception of the following, all supplements aimed at
    producing muscle-building / testosterone elevating have proven to be totally worthless. By the way, having higher testosterone levels does not necessarily translate to bigger muscles, much like having more gas in your car does not make your car go faster.
    Here’s what works:
    – protein supplements
    – creatine ( pre-workout )
    – a proper post workout supplement ( BCAA’s plus fast acting carbs)
    – a properly timed post workout meal
    – zinc at bedtime ( be careful with this one)
    – frequent breaks from high intensity training. Ie. 3 weeks on, 1 week off
    – avoiding any anabolic steroids, unless you have a condition that has been properly diagnosed by a QUALiFIED Physician.

  67. RJ White 10 years ago

    Thanks for the site. I have been diagnosed with low T & DHEA levels also tested for prostrate C markers ,no levels high enough too be concerned about. I have looked into prescription products,only 2 that I could find;Axiron – Lilly & Fortesta-endo. I will taqlk to my doc about both and see who gives him the biggest rebate for the script,both a FDA tested and approved. If I remember I will get back to you and let you know the results. I am an avid 67 yr young off road cyclist who just can’t compete with the guys in my class. Hopefully the script will take care of other problems more important than cycling.

  68. marc 10 years ago

    I have heard fenugreek raises test levels, is this accurate? thanks

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      I think that was covered above in the other comments, but there’s no reliable studies showing it increases T, and if it did, see my comments in the article as to whether it would even matter….

  69. Kent Ingram 10 years ago

    Hi, again, Will:
    Well, another very enlightening article & video! Thanks! I asked you, some months ago, if Horny Goat Weed was considered at least helpful in boosting T-levels, naturally. I believe you told me that I was wasting my money on HGW, as well as the other so-called T-Boosters. I’ve used it, on and off, for a number of years, now, and it did heighten my libido, but that was about it. I’m starting to get on board with what you’ve been telling us a number of times, now. I’m going to contact some clinics and get myself tested, to see where I’m at, and go from there. Thanks, again, for turning on the bright light of truth and evidence!

  70. Russell Corcut 10 years ago

    Another excellent article Will. Many thanks.

  71. Jim K 10 years ago

    Will — as a scientist and long time athlete, I am very impressed with this article and website, kudos to you. I also realize that I have been wasting my money on an off-the-shelf T-booster I have been using.
    You have written a whole lot here de-bunking existing boosters, which is great, but is there anything that you can recommend by name ? I am looking for something non-prescription, since the prescription ones scare me a bit.
    FYI — I am almost 60 years old, in great shape, but I have a lot of the symptoms of low T.
    — jim

  72. Chris 10 years ago

    Hello Will, What about MuscleTechs AlphaTest? Its one of the newer test boosters that claims to have human studies. Dont know if this is true but i do know from the past that MuscleTech have always made good supplements that work. So i wanted to find out about there AlphaTest

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Says: “DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER” on the sites I looked Chris.

  73. Adrian 9 years ago

    hi will, i am 18 years old i am starting to take a testosterone booster called RE-Test from GNC ive been on the cycle for 6 days now on the bottle it says to take 3 pills in the morning and 2 and the afternoon but im not really sure what im into and i was wondering if you could help me out. one of my friends took TB when he was 17 and ive been seeing alot of results on him and so he recommended RE-test.

    • Author
      Will Brink 9 years ago

      Did you read the article and read some of the comments above? I have no faith in T booster type supps. I’d save your $$ for supplements shown to be effective, such as creatine. At your age, lack of testosterone is not likely to be a issue.

      • Rajesh 8 years ago

        Hello Mr. Will,
        I Am 29 year old from India
        am Planning to go for Universal Nutritions Tribulus Pro Supplement and would request you to let me know if it would help me to get the lean muscular shape, if not which 1 is the best to go for.
        haven’t been tested Testosterone
        thank you…

  74. guy 9 years ago

    I am a 60 year old male. I have thin legs and arms. You can hardly pinch any fat from anywhere below my butt…or my arms…but I have a gut (probably from lack of muscle tone and some stored fat in the abdomen area). I would like to lose the gut and pick up muscle tone elsewhere. I don’t eat cakes, cookies, etc., but don’t count calories and eat with any particular diet in mind. I have a wispy white pony tail…losing hair all the time. I’ve not been tested for testosterone or anything else but assume I’ve dropped a % from age alone. I walk (have a dog) at least 10,000 steps a day (according to my cheapie wrist device)…any ideas?

  75. WizeOne 9 years ago

    I have found a natural way to boost testosterone, no joke.
    This works 100% !!
    Take 20mg’s of Zinc daily, jerk off three times a day, have rough sex only and do full contact sparring every so often. Before you know it your testosterone level will be at optimal or higher levels, but you will be a total cunt personality wise hahah

  76. Matt 8 years ago

    Always good to hear what you have to say, Will. I know I’m changing the subject, but what about “recovery” type supplements/vitamins? I’m 57, work out with weights 5 days a week, and run only to maintain what I need to continue my employment PT. The problem is it really beats the crap out of me, and I am looking for relief OTHER than Advil, aspirin, etc., I do take DAA every once in a while… don’t really know if it works, might be more psychological; and am considering ecdysterone, although there is really not enough evidence out there to support it. All I know is, for a guy that everybody says is in great shape, my knees and elbows tend to disagree!! Thanks, as always.

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