Pleiades Rising is my latest fiction story.  If you like military action based sci-fi with a larger message, this is for you!
P RisingPleiades RisingSergeant Major Lance Harris is a battle hardened soldier of the Mobile Terrain Forces and the Elite Shimmering Death Units. He’s been fighting the enemies of mankind for almost a century and there’s little he has not seen or done among the stars, and he has the scars to show for it. His latest mission has a high probability of failure with an untested xenophobic unit of wet behind the ears recruits and one alien fighting for his species very freedom.
When the mission goes from SNAFU to FUBAR, Harris has to do what the men of the Shimmering Death do best; kill without reservation or hope of self preservation. This time, the freedom and liberty of an entire species is counting on him.
All sentient creatures regardless of color, race, or species will strive for their freedom, but freedom is not free…
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Fun gritty humorous dialogue, Immersive military action, a story with a deeper meaning that forces us to examine important socio-cultural issues. Good sci fi weaves characters and futuristic backgrounds into a believable story. The best sci fi examines deeper aspects of humanity, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and often compels us to examine ourselves in ways we may not expect. Pleiades Rising. does all that and more.

  1. Lenard Lund 9 years ago

    From this little tidbit this looks like it might be oretty good. I will have to get the kindle version and read it all. Good work, Will.

    • Author
      Will Brink 9 years ago

      My other fiction stories Vacation Gone South I & II have been well received (see reviews on Amazon) and so far, this latest Sci Fi story seems well received. Please leave a review on Amazon if you enjoy it.

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