Book Review: The Skinny On Diet Supplements

By Rick Silverman M.D.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have the inside scoop, the real deal, the down and dirty on any given issue, then Will Brink’s book, “The Skinny on Diet Supplements,” should be on your required reading list for nutritional supplement information. This book is an encyclopedia of dietary
supplements and their role in weight loss, looking at each item in an in-depth and organized way.

Each chapter focuses on a single supplement, cites what it’s supposed to do, and provides details of the science behind the product, including some dissection of that science. The next section looks at the “real world” chatter about the supplement, and that’s followed by the best feature of the book, Will Brink’s recommendations. This last feature is my favorite section in each chapter, because Will is not shy about saying what works and what doesn’t work. He isn’t beholden to any particular supplement or supplement company, so it doesn’t feel like you’re being sold a bill of goods.  Rather, he cuts through the falsehoods put forth by the supplement industry, and where evidence supports the use of a product and that product has proven real world results, he tells you so. Where evidence or the real world comes up short, he tells you that.
With some supplements, where evidence is suggestive, but not definitive, Will combines his extensive experience to give a thumbs up or down for at least giving a product a try.  This is in sharp contrast to many of the sources of supplement information, which are at best “infomercials,” put forth by supplement companies citing internal, non-peer-reviewed research, or in publications that provide comparable product recommendations, which are lacking in objectivity due to industry partnerships.
Another key element to The Skinny On Diet Supplements, is the basic premise of this specific volume, which looks at these supplements and their impact on weight loss.  In other words, many of the supplements cited may be useful nutritional supplements with positive qualities, but they may provide no benefit to those individuals looking for a weight loss supplement. Again, Will cuts to the chase and focuses on this particular effect of the supplement. In cases where an item is useful, but not fordieting, he makes that clear.

Indeed, if you find yourself appreciating the “supplemental” (pun intended) information about the products, going beyond their weight loss benefits, then you’ll need to get yourself a copy of “The Supplement Bible,” in which Will takes a similar approach to sports supplements in general. Without a doubt, both books should be among the standard reference material for anyone who uses, recommends, or simplywishes to understand more about dietary and sports supplements.

Dr. Silverman is a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in working with athletes and a life-time drug-free competitive bodybuilder. For more information on him and his services, he can be found at:


For more information on The Skinny On Diet Supplements go HERE.


Book Review: The Skinny On Diet Supplements

By Dr. Melissa Diaz

The Skinny on Diet Supplements is an excellent resource of information for anybody that is looking to lose weight effectively using supplementation. There is an astonishing amount of products that are marketed for the purpose of weight loss, so it is important to make an informed decision when picking the right product.
Just like it is important to read labels in the foods you eat in order to lose weight, the same is true when picking a weight loss supplement. In this book, Will Brink provides a detailed description of the most common ingredients that are found in weight loss supplements in the market today. He gives you all the information you would need in order to read any list of ingredients, and know exactly if it is a product is worth purchasing. Not only does he give all the research to back up (or debunk) a claim, he provides the necessary dosage that should be taken for the best results.

He also provides important information regarding dangerous product interactions, especially for those that are currently taking prescription medications. Apart from the detailed scientific descriptions of these compounds, Will Brink provides feedback that he has received personally through his vast experience in his field, with provides for better insights on specific products.

I highly recommend The Skinny on Diet Supplements to anyone that is looking to lose weight intelligently and safely while using any type of supplement claiming to cause weight loss.

Dr. Melissa Diaz Chiropractic Physician

Northeastern Chiropractic  Framingham MA.


For more information on The Skinny On Diet Supplements go HERE.

  1. Alcachofa 12 years ago

    “The Skinny on Diet Supplements” seems to be a good book. I will surely read that how it reduces weight.
    Alcachofa Liquid capsules are also a great weight loss supplement:)

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Where’s the data to show Alcachofa causes weight loss? Please don’t SPAM my web page, thanx

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