As some of you may recall, I did a vid not long ago regarding the demeaning low-brow advertising campaign that the club chain Planet Fitness is using to sell memberships. You can check out my prior comments and a few of their commercials HERE.
Below one persons visit to the “judgment free zone” 🙂

Recent Planet Fitness Commercial:

  1. abdomene pentru burta 13 years ago

    good info

  2. Shane Doll 13 years ago

    Will, great post. Just found your blog and I really like your work. I had one trip and one trip only to Planet Fitness before I knew all about their insane rules. Unbelievable, they don't want anybody to even train in their facilities, forget about the "lunk alert" and grunting rules. I was asked to set the dumbbells down more quietly, and this is after doing 1arm rows, sat them down from like 6 inches off the floor! If you even look like you might lift something heavy they don't want you in there. Talk about a symbol of bias and judgment in the fitness industry and the overall wussification of America…this is it! Keep preaching the gospel brother..I'll be back- Shane

  3. Tony Muscoli 13 years ago

    Keep fighting the War on Planet Fitness!

  4. Rachael Medina 13 years ago

    hmmm as a woman, i only knew of the crazy rules from my weightlifter bf…. So Im sticking w WCWC… for now!!! tryin to stay CONSISTENT.. thats the challenge as a single mom of a special needs kid :)))

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