Bikini competitor Courtney Joline Survives The Gauntlet!

Latest person to go through the BrinkZone Gauntlet, Bikini competitor Courtney Joline shows what effective efficient whole body  GPP, conditioning, endurance, and metabolic work looks like. No “toning and firming” nonsense here, just hard work  that yields results.

If you want to see more victims of the BrinkZone Gauntlet, check out competitive bodybuilder Janet Esterkes and figure competitor Andrea Kalligheri, HERE.

  1. James 12 years ago

    Man this girl is in pain! The hard work is surely paying off though. Where can I get one of those sandbags?

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Go to “Approved Stuff” section and scroll down to link to sand bags. One of the best training tools for the $$$ going. Yup, anyone who goes through the Gauntlet will be working their you-know-what off 🙂

  2. Pedro Sepulveda 12 years ago

    The camera doesn’t clearly show the body positions. In this video it seems that the squats with the sand bag are powered in its concentric part by tha back instead of the legs. Lunges can be hardly analised. Sorry Bill honestly I didn’t like it.

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Oh well. Everyone is a form expert on the ‘net….

      • Pedro Sepulveda 12 years ago

        Hi Will. I’m not a kind of expert nor I want to be one on the net (nowadays there are more
        experts that we really need), the question is that I gave my personal opinion based on 40 years of experience in my Gyms supported by my master degree in Anatomy Physiology and Myology. Sorry you felt offended by my comments. Once again this lady is not squatting she’s doing a sort of
        half good mornings.
        Best regards
        Pedro Sepúlveda

        • Author
          Will Brink 12 years ago

          With 40 years of experience, and am MS in A&P, you should know in the real
          world under real world conditions, under load, people’s form is not always
          perfect. You can see vids of world class PL, OL, etc have less then text book
          form under load.
          Hence, everyone and expert critic online. If you and all you train
          have text book form on all sets of all reps on all exercise, that’s fantastic, but I
          yet to see that myself, and have trained with/see training, some of the worlds
          best in their respective sports. That’s life in the real world, and I try to capture
          that reality in vids…
          I don’t disagree her form was less than text book perfect on all exercises per
          se, I simply stated that everyone is a critic/form expert online and all to fast
          to give criticism that’s of little utility.
          No offense taken Pedro 🙂

          • Pedro Sepulveda 12 years ago

            Hi Will
            I´m deeply touched by the precious time you’re spending on me.
            I want to point out that I’m not stepping back about my comments.
            but on the other hand I ought to agree with you about the discrepancy
            between reality and theoretics we learned and teach.
            My comments are adressed to your followers (like myself) that try
            to copy everything they see without any sense of what is right or
            wrong. Thanks again for your time.
            Don´t need to reply. Keep on your outstanding work.
            Pedro Sepulveda

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