I always get a laugh from this “study.” My favorite reason is #8. Number 8 should just be called “because I’m a slut!”

Why People Have Sex: 237 Reasons
Love, Lust, Revenge — Researchers’ List Goes On and On
By Miranda Hitti
WebMD Medical News
Why do people have sex? A new study counts the ways and comes up with 237 reasons.
The reasons range from the sublime to the scandalous. Some motivations came from the heart. Others came from elsewhere in the anatomy.
The leading reason for sex was, “I was attracted to the person,” according to the study, which appears in the August issue of the Archives of Sexual Behavior.
The study comes from Cindy Meston, PhD, and David Buss, PhD, of the psychology department at the University of Texas at Austin.
First, they asked 203 men and 241 women aged 17-52 in Austin, Texas, to anonymously list every reason they had ever had sex. Those men and women were taking psychology classes or were participating in other studies at the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory of the University of Texas.
All in all, participants listed 715 reasons for having sex. The researchers deleted repetitions, boiling the list down to 237 reasons.
Next, Meston and Buss presented the list to 1,549 psychology students and asked them to rate how often, if ever, they had had sex for each of the 237 reasons.
9 Leading Reasons for Having Sex
The researchers identified nine broad themes that characterize the students’ top reasons for having sex:
1. Pure attraction to the other person in general
2. Experiencing physical pleasure
3. Expressing love
4. Having sex because of feeling desired by the other
5. Having sex to escalate the depth of the relationship
6. Curiosity or seeking new experiences
7. Marking a special occasion for celebration
8. Mere opportunity
9. Sex just happening due to seemingly uncontrollable circumstances

  1. Philip (fairlane) 14 years ago

    I love #9: “Yeah, um, I couldn’t help it, I just had to”.

  2. J N 14 years ago

    There is no good looking straight male who can get an erection
    for any female he sees zero physical attraction in on a scale
    of 1 thru 10 people usually get with close to their equals
    0 thru 5 which is unattractive get with their equal,
    6 and 7’s get with their equal then 7.5 plus get with their equal.
    Face it even the worse looking males who are straight only
    want 7.5 plus yet they miserably settle for their equal
    and somehow get the erection yet good looking males
    say fuck that shit I would rather have better sex with my hand
    than any female who is 5 minus.

  3. Author
    Will Brink 14 years ago

    JN, though I respect your opinion on the issue, can you tone down the lingo a bit in the future? The F bomb etc, could be left out in future posts. Thanx.

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