Why people have NO EXCUSES not to exercise. I cover – and counter – some common excuses used not to workout like: “I don’t have the money for a gym membership” “I have to get the right equipment before I start” and other classics that are not valid excuses!!! Yes, there are valid reasons why one can’t always exercise (illness, injury, etc.) but most of them I hear, are not valid reasons. 😉

This vid sets the record straight on what can be done regardless of your situation! I’m not trying to be harsh or mean, and I know it can be difficult, but some straight talk is needed on the topic I feel.

  1. Alex 12 years ago

    Excuses are what people come up with when they dont want to do something and dont want to be rude..
    if you ask a friend for a favour and he doesnt want to do it, he will come up with an excuse instead of simply telling you that he doesnt want to help you..
    Its the same with exercise, people find excuses simply because they do not want to exercise, they have other priorities, they might tell you they would lke to exercise, just so you dont think they arent tuff enough.
    they know that their excuses are lies, and you know it too, so, i understand your concern, but i dont see the point in wasting your time over this..

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Some fair points there, but it’s also my experience that many believe their own excuses, and when revealed for what they are, the excuses no longer work. They either have to do something, or come up with a new excuse. Something like “damn he’s right, I don’t really need a gym membership to get some exercise and a few gallon jugs of water carried up and down some stairs is better then nothing, I think I’ll do it that!” type effect one hopes…. Yes, it’s a small % of people that will get past their excuses, have some personal “gee whiz” moment, and take action, but I’m well aware it’s always a small % of people who act on info such as the above, but it’s in my nature to try anyway! 🙂
      Some times people don’t do a thing because they just don’t want to, and an excuse prevents them, and some don’t do it because they truly don’t know their options, and you’d be surprised how many people never considered a $3.00 sand bag from Home Depot an effective workout tool until I mention it.

      • Alex 12 years ago

        I trully understand and deeply respect your concern, and for people like us who know first hand the benefits of exercise it is very difficuld to understand how someone can choose not to do it at all..
        I think somepart of the problem is what the media transmit as models these days, people look at huge bodybuilders or ripped fitness athletes and get frustrated to know it will be impossible orvery difficuld to get there, so they dont even start, orif they do, they are so much quik fix orientated that after a short while they give up..
        like someone said, exercise when we were kids was simply called “having fun”, and this message must be transmited, because the fun you get out of exercising is really worth it, instantly you feel like a kid again, moving freely..
        somehow during our education we are taught to forget about it, so we can become good workers and phisical activitie becomes something of the past.
        as you stated, physical activitie can be almost anything you can come up with and that you can have fun with, people have to stop looking at the top of the stair and aim too high and start focusing on what they have, what they can do, right now, to get more physicall activitie everiday, to have more fun in their lives.. instead of going for other quick fixes like binging, alcohol, cigarretes or pure layziness and depressive behaviours.
        Congratulations again on your solid and inteligent work,.

  2. Will Scott 12 years ago

    Hey Will, loved the YouTube segment on excuses to exercise. I am military currently at Fort Knox Kentucky for 30 days of training. We did not have a workout facility that opened early enough to get a work out in before class, so we found a room in the hotel that was designed for arcade machines. We have been using the room everyday at 4am to get our workout before class. I agree with you 100% other than illness or sickness, there is no excuse. I am 51 years old and I am in the best shape of my life, thanks for the tips. I have shared this with my battle buddies, hopefully it will eliminate their excuses.

  3. Jean 12 years ago

    your video is full of wind and unpleasant to listen to. Jean

  4. bill rouse 12 years ago

    Hi Bill good vid but lots of wind noise and you look better with the hair man

  5. Edward Worth 12 years ago

    Keep moving keep moving,otherwise; you’ll look like the piece of furniture your sitting on.

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