Slide with picture of muscle tissue
Slide of Muscle hypertrophy summary and findings
Summarizing muscle hypertrophy and the latest data to support it.

The 2021 International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) conference just took place in Saint Petersburg Florida. For obvious reasons the 2020 conference was scaled down from the usual size, but this year made up for it as the turn out was excellent. For those not aware, the ISSN is the preeminent organization focused on all things sports nutrition and anyone interested in the most current science on that topic should consider being a member and attend their conferences.

Will's press credentials from the ISSN conference
Some times it’s good to be Will Brink…

Talks covering Nutrient timing by Dr. Patrick Harty and Diet refeeds and diet breaks By Guillermo Escalante DSc MBA CISSN supplied useful info covering the actual data – vs bro science – with plenty of real world applicable information given. Another interesting and useful talk was by Dr. Brandon Roberts Titled  “Effects of NSAIDS on muscle and bone: from cells to soldiers.” A great talk that covered an important topic people debate all the time is, how fast is too fast to lose fat? The talk was called  “Rapid fat loss – How fast is too fast?” and given by Dr. Bill Campbell PhD FISSN and Alexander Brooks. I spoke to Dr. Campbell’s graduate class  as some BZ readers may recall. Dr. Campbell’s lab does a lot of cutting-edge research on topics of interest and concern to physique athletes, and anyone focused on optimizing their body composition. Their findings? As expected, rapid fat loss as promised by various scams and magazines of “30 lbs in 30 days” is nonsense and the slow and steady route will always yield the best results in bodyfat lost and muscle tissue preserved.

slide of women using creatine
Talk on women and creatine was an interesting one!

For those confused about Intermittent fasting, a talk called “Is the clock your greatest ally? An evaluation of the current intermittent fasting literature” given by Dr. Matthew Stratton covered the current studies nicely I thought. One of my personal favorite topics, creatine, was discussed specifically as how it impacts women in a talk called “Creatine and women” by Kayla Alesi MS. Finally, as “keto” diets are a popular and contentious topic, Dr. Catherine Saenz gave an excellent talk called  “Fuel with fat, thrive on ketones: effects of a well-formulated ketogenic diet on body composition, mood, and satiety in women” I found useful and interesting.

Slide of take home points from protein talk
Summary of recent study looking the impact of essential amino acids (EEA’s) on muscle mass under various conditions.

That’s just a small sample of the highly informative talks at this conference from the who’s who in the field doing the cutting edge research on all things sports performance related. I’d highly recommend checking out the ISSN page linked above which will have more details on the conference. If you want to view the list of all the great talks given you missed, the event schedule of talks can be viewed HERE. I think it should be obvious to the reader by now, be you a scientist, athlete, coach, trainer, etc, that is a conference to attend that will accelerate your knowledge base considerably. I recommend the reader put next ISSN conference on the “must attend” list.

As good as the talks above were, I was really impressed by the number, diversity of topics, and quality of the posters at the poster session. A poster session is a short synopsis of research that’s either recently published or in the process of being published. Below is a sample of them I found especially interesting.

Poster session on ATP study
Does ATP supplements have performance benefits? This study suggests the answer is yes.
Posted session of strength training results
Great posters session that studied the effects of both high and lower loads on muscle thickness and strength. You can do both and still make progress.
Posters session 6
What effects did using a SARM and GH secretagogue have? Not good at all!


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