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I’m happy to report that there’s some great AlphaJoe Coffee Booster testimonials coming in from a diverse group, from IFBB pro female bodybuilders, to law enforcement, and military and more! Below is a sample, and people can view more at the YT Page.

If you want first crack at the limited first run of AlphaJoe, please sign up to the main list HERE

Also, please subscribe to the YT HERE

As some of you are aware, I have been involved with law enforcement, and written articles and such geared toward assisting military personnel, in addition to my usual focus on health, performance, etc I’m best know for. I’m happy to report AlphaJoe is getting traction and interest among that community. For example:

Here’s a new testimonial founder of Police Coffee, Stefhan Bennett. Police Coffee donates a large portion of their profits to supporting the families of fallen officers and other important LE causes, so highly recommended by yours truly:

Here’s IFBB pro athlete, philosopher, and world traveler Isabelle Turell’s excellent testimonial:

As well as Retired US Army Senior NCO, Ash Hess, co-founder of Quantified Performance:

If you enjoy those, there’s more on the YT page!


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