One supplement that’s all the rage right now are HCG products, be they drops, sprays, or “Homeopathic” HCG supplements.
Do any of them act like real HCG a doctor would prescribe? I answer that question in this vid!

  1. Dr. Carney 10 years ago

    Good video. Short and to the point, and right on point. I like using Pure Sea Veg which is a seaweed vegetable. I’ve found that it works very nicely with weight, but one of the biggest components I use is
    WATER. Yeah good old water. I find that patients are dehydrated 95% of the time. And that’s bad. But
    you know most of these people miss the simple points. WATER. Drink enough water, good water and
    you lose some weight, you feel better, and you function better. Nothing hard about that, but again, it’s
    the simple things in life that work.

  2. RICH 10 years ago

    Another no B.S. answer about a fake product. This is why I have followed your advice for years. ( you were married when i first started reading you) Thanks for all you do. RICH

  3. Carlos 10 years ago

    Thank you once again, Will for “weighing in” on another supplement with scientific looking presentation. The way they create these sales pitches- if one doesn’t know better they would think that this is legit and has scientific backing.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      There’s not legit science backing for these products, The actual HCG diet (which includes injections of real HCG) is bad enough, these supplements are a joke.

  4. Brenda 10 years ago

    I have to respectively disagree, I have used HCG drops with great success. I’ve lost 40lbs and kept it off. Some say its the 500cal/day diet but I’ve tried the diet without the drops and did not get the same results. I’ve had friends/family members that did not have the same success but it works whenever I go off my regiment (holiday eating) and the weight comes right back off. It’s helped me to realize just how much sugar I was I eating. I also have a low thyroid and this has worked better than
    anything to manage my weight. I’m a beloved…

    • Brenda 10 years ago

      Meant to say I am a believer and have used the drops over the last 3 years on and off. The weight came off in about 45 days…

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      You did not get those results from those drops, period, unless they were tainted with some other drug, which has happened more than once…Placebo is a powerful thing, and also plays a part, but there’s no HCG in your product. Real injected HCG does not have those effects, and what you used, a total and complete scam I assure you.
      Good luck

      • Brenda 10 years ago

        I did in fact get results from those drops, I never said it was true HCG, but whatever the ingredients are they worked…

        • Author
          Will Brink 10 years ago

          If the effects came from some medication in there that should not be and or
          placebo (which is a REAL effect) and that’s OK with you, then it’s OK by me.
          But, there’s no HCG in the product you used and as stated, direct injections
          of HCG don’t cause weight loss.
          That’s the facts of it. Do with them as you wish.

          • Larry 10 years ago

            Had a friend that lost a lot on HCG(injectable) diet. But, folks must
            follow a 500Kcal/day diet also. Hello! Stick to 500 cal/day &
            you will lose weight.
            Who knows what was in the injectable form (my guess is
            The only benefit, I see, from those diets, is for those that are
            highly motivated by the material they read/hear/see.
            Unfortunately, the material doesn’t have to be true to
            be motivational. Will is correct… any weight loss
            is not due to the HCG effect (& who wants hidden stuff in their

  5. jorge naude 10 years ago

    I have condition of low testosterone, I´´ve taken Homeopatic Muscle, and HOmeopatic testosterone and in a year from a level of 2 ng/ml in the analysys, a year later 3.8 and now also a year later 4.88. Being the minimum 2 and the maximum 9. Of course I cannot say that the medicine is whole responsible for but together with the four day split routine in highg intensity and more less the diet that Mr. Brink suggests in his book, is what I can say really works.

  6. Jeremy 10 years ago

    Thanks for the info and keeping it real.

  7. Carlos Fernandez 10 years ago

    Hello Will,
    Did you already coment about collagen? Does it work? Please let me know and if you post information on it before let me know where I can find it.

  8. Marlo 9 years ago


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