Here’s my buddy Brian training with the Slayer Barbell at Gold’s Gym Natick MA, one of the best equipped gyms in the area. Some of the fun stuff you see in my vids used  the gym like the Slayer Bar, Prowler Sled, Ultimate Sandbags, and others are mine and left for members to use.

  1. Samuli 10 years ago

    Hey Will,
    What are your thoughts on betaine (TMG), is it worth to try?

  2. mark grove 10 years ago

    Great video of Brian using that Slayer barbell unit for arm curls and triceps work!! I assume he finished off the arm workout with the pushups he was doing. Does doing some bodyweight only exercises for arms change the way your muscle fibers act toward the work you’re doing to it so it confuses the muscle to grow? i do mainly bodyweight exercises of dips and pushups for arms, so including weights would give my muscles a boost for growth and keeping the training varied. I’ll do that tonight.
    Thanks Will.
    Mark in canada

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      The amount of stress is what effects muscle fiber recruitment/activation, that it’s done as BW or other (using a bar, etc), is not the important factor there. Using the Slayer bar for close grip push ups is just a comfortable and effective way to perform them.

  3. sheldon barker 10 years ago

    Pretty unique I can see the awesome workouts you can get with this.The leverage is great

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