What are the facts on BCAA’s?

Greatest thing since the term “anabolic” was invented, or waste of money? I cover that topic in this latest vid.

  1. Alex 12 years ago

    I have allways taken whey post workout, i have an high protein diet so i also used to think that i needed no additional BCAA’s.. untill i read poliquins protocol and tried it..
    I take them during my workout, and man, its the best suplement EVER, i feel a lot fresher during the whole workout, even more towards the end, when i really need it.. they are there to fuel the workout (because i also have no carbs at breakfast or pre-workout wich doesnt make sense but the energy is much higher, another poliquin protocol, i can say i never had such energetic workouts all my life).
    But the best part is recovery, i like to workout hard, and i used to have a lot of soreness on the days after with whey or not, now that i use BCAA’s during my workout i get almost ZERO soreness, its like a miracle.
    Off course its even better when im cutting, in wich with low carbs im able to have more energy.
    Again, i eat at least 1 gr of protein per pound of bodyweight. i have whey at breakfast and post workout, i even tried whey pre and post but the effect isnt even close to using BCAA’s intra workout..
    The thing is i take at least 10-20 grams of them during my workout (poliquin advises around 20-40gr but i just cant afford to use as much) not the normal 5 gr thing that does nothing..
    Its the best and most effective suplement that i have ever used, if used this way,and i have tried a lot in the past to know what works or not, the results are there from day 1, no placebo effect, just plain works..
    I take very few other suplements, including whey, multis, omega 3’s and glutamine and i cicle creatine, but to be honest, if i had to choose just one it would be BCAA’s and a plain old healthy diet..

  2. Herman A. Luedtke 12 years ago

    Very good info on BCAAs, Ive looked into many of the topics you discuss and sometimes before and sometimes after viewing your work.. You offer good sound advice and very good reasoning with the scientific backup.
    By the way go to youtube herman luedtke see 150# dumbell press thats me. I’m 56 years old you’ve helped me tons.

  3. Joseph Piscitelli 12 years ago

    Will, what do you know about BCAA Nitrates

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Not much to know other then it’s BCAAs mixed with nitrates. Some studies suggest nitrates can improve endurance. Hence, why there’s also creatine – nitrate, etc. Personally, not convinced added nitrates to the diet is a great idea, and I’m still waiting to see actual head to head studies comparing some of these supps with their non nitrates added versions.

      • Pierre M 12 years ago

        Incredible results, they should name it power tablets.
        I hv a question , Im using the Epozine-o2 3 times daily & bcaa b4 & after w/o, is it over?

  4. Faisal 12 years ago

    Hi Will, love your well-rounded approach. I just have a question if you don’t mind answering…
    Does BCAA powder need to be completely dissolved in liquid just like Creatine in order for it to be absorbed the body? It seems that L-leucine powder doesn’t really dissolve in any temperature liquid, but its still assimilated by the body, while creatine is not? Can you please elaborate on this?
    Thanks so much,

  5. klaus 12 years ago

    a good introduction into usefulness of aminoacids for muscle-build-up,
    I did not quite catch the names of the BCAAs or bcs as it is transcribed and could also not find the names in the transcribed text of the Video, so you probably did not mention the names at all.
    Did You check on what I told You about the heavy-sort of organic isotopes, introduced at increased (but significant) pm-amounts into our food-line by the prevalent use of C4-starch-containing fodder to the
    animals we use as Protein-producers?
    For heavily training athlets, workers with high energy turnover etc. this probably is of less concern than to those, whose energy-balance is on ‘the rich-intake/low-energy-use’- side. For here the “energy-dense”
    fodder-intake of the animals leads to fast growth and ‘Good Weight-Related Market-Value’ which by no
    measures corresponds to “Optimal Health-Value” ,
    In fact: not even “Basic Health-Value”, as the consequence of the accumulating VAT [Visceral Adipous Tissue] with the known Metabolic Syndrome Consequences will turn out to be the Big Cheat about the Food-Production of the past 50 years Experiment with the US-Population (and now global P.!) at large !

  6. Andy Austin 12 years ago

    As Will said, BCAA efficacy is situational. People in a state of KCal depletion might find some use from them as well as perhaps vegan athletes. The fat loss effects of BCAAs would be next to nil (putting them in the same category of any of Dr Oz’s fat loss ‘miracles’)

  7. Dennis 12 years ago

    been wondering if BCAA’s have a direrct positive effect on lowering blood sugar. Been wondering the same thing about l-leucine. On the web it seems like “the board is stil out” on that stuff. Do you have any concrete info on either??

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