To load or not to load? That is the question, which I answer in this new vid!

  1. Alex Rich 13 years ago

    I recently went to wal mart and purchased six star nutrition creatine x3 pills, they were 9.99 for 60 tablets. Are these pills just as effective as any other creatine?

    • thomas 12 years ago

      creatine is creatine. the amount of it is what makes the difference

      • Author
        Will Brink 12 years ago

        Sorry, but that’s not true. Read “what’s in your creatine” and other articles here. 🙂

        • Eldon L. Raison 9 years ago

          At 58, I’ve been using creatine monohydrate since the mid 90’s when EAS began to push it. Since then I’ve tried a lot of different delivery systems all claiming it could get it in the muscle cell faster and more of it. It wasn’t until I began to use very hot water like you explain Will to aid in disolving it. I use this technique every time I use it. Where I really see the difference is when I used to bench press clean 225 for 8 reps, I began benching 225 11 or 12 reps with a little more effort. Having used NO Explode at various times, I certainly experienced the flush from the Niacin and got some coffee type jitters. But is there any amino acids or supplements that really do aid in blood flow? I remember a guy named Byrd (last name) wrote a short book on the positive effects of NO. I have never had any results that were claimed like his. But with all the over the counter products at GNC and Vitamin World, it seems you could use one designed to help with ED. What say you Will? Thanks.

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