Vacation Gone South: Collected Works is parts I,II,III and IV of the highly rated novella E-series in a single printed volume for new readers and fans alike. With additional content added for prior readers of the series, a must read for fans of fast paced gritty thrillers. Reviews from the E-series:

The litmus test for me for a good fiction yarn is if it makes me feel like I’m actually there in the action, and Vacation Gone South passes that test with flying colors. – US Navy SEAL Commander (ret) Mark Divine

5 out of 5 stars…”Great action, gun style folks will have ‘ah hah’ moments left and right. Very on point with description of certain tactics. I was hooked and look forward to the next.

AN AWESOME BOOK!!! A true page turner and loved the details!
… another home run. He is truly one of the better up-and-coming writers of the thriller-fantasy genre. People will be saying ‘I bought Brink before he became huge’ some day soon.

“Excellent! If you like military fiction but despise people getting the important details wrong… this is for you. Once again, I finish a Will Brink book and immediately want to read another one.

Awesome, gritty, edge of my seat.

“Finally! None of the clueless BS that turns most action fiction into wallbangers. ( Wallbangers are books you throw against a wall while wondering why you bought it)”

“…he mixes a fast pace with witty introspection and insight into the spec-ops community that is sorely lacking (mostly because said members don’t, and can’t, talk about it)…

…Brink also brings to the narrative a depth of knowledge and interesting insights about all manner of subjects . His main character is a smart guy who says a lot of smart things.

I enjoy the authors ability to blend his story and factually correct methods of warfare into a beautiful story. Wink is a true Light Fighter.

“…the dialogue , attention to detail and the action are all first rate.

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