Here’s my “take home” on this latest study causing all the hoopla that found an association to “fish oil” and prostate cancer. For those who want to real nitty gritty on this study, see article by Dr. Lopez HERE.

  1. Phil 10 years ago

    Great video and explanation of basic research. Although I must say (sorry if this is TMI) but I was all tears
    when you mentioned your friends father passing that way. So sad. 🙁

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Thanx. Yes, doing decline bench alone, with collars and no spotter, can be fatal. 🙁

  2. NJJoe 10 years ago

    What’s not to clear to me, and call me dumb if you like as I read the study, was whether or not the participants were taking O3 supps / fish oil, eating fish, both, or neither. Would that matter? Well maybe. We know most fish is toxic, and if we trust the supp companies, their products are “clean”, or much less toxic.

  3. Gregh 10 years ago

    Excellent, commonsense conclusion re fishoil Will. I won’t be giving up mine either.

  4. Dale Overman 10 years ago

    One doctors opinion and research does not convince me. I need to see other work and facts beyond his work. Good quality fish oils are a benefit not a proven cancer link. Now animal fats from red meat I would say are a prostate cancer link as well as smoking and booze. Some men have a genetic link and family history as well. More evidence is needs before people panic..

  5. John Bolger 10 years ago

    Did you hear about the massive outbreak of prostate cancer among Eskimos? No?…… Neither did I!
    Did you hear about the pharmaceutical company that is trying to tell people to cut down on fish oil and take statin drugs instead? Yeeeeaaaaaaahhh , yeah really!!

  6. Rob Brady 10 years ago

    Guys you’ve got to apply some logic to the risk/benefit scenario – is it logical for us to consume a highly unstable oil (totally proven) just because the someone like the Eskimos eat a lot of fish?? Marketing backed science is always trying to prove that we are smarter than what our bodies naturally do. In the case of fish oil they state that our body does not convert enough of the precursor ALA into omega 3’s (only around 5%) and therefore we should supplement with fish oil – but just maybe God or Nature (whatever your beliefs) hasn’t got it wrong, it may be all we need?? As soon as fish oil hits your oxygen rich bloodstream it starts to become rancid and that is why the honest makers of fish oil suggest you supplement with Vit E. Your own stores are depleted as your body tries to protect itself from the rancid oil.

    • Vengeance 10 years ago

      @Rob Brady:
      lol, do you think fish swim around while going rancid? You do know they have oxygenated blood just like every other living creature on Earth right? Oxygen doesn’t just float around in your blood. It is carried inside of your red blood cells. What you’re insinuating is like asking why doesn’t your body rott since it would rott when you’re dead…

      • Vengeance 10 years ago

        Well, almost every living creature. I just remembered there are single celled organisms that live in anaerobic conditions.

  7. Eye Care 10 years ago

    Thank’x very different and this is very nice

  8. Billy Beck III 10 years ago

    Thanks Will! Outstanding response to the issue at hand. But I guess I kind of expect that from you by now. You are the man!

  9. kevin 10 years ago

    Hi Will,
    Dr Myers, the oncologist I mentioned in a recent email to you, says essentially the same thing, that the study has no meaning and fish oil’s benefits far outweigh it’s possible potential dangers.

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