Growth Hormone (GH) supplements have been around forever, and have made a recent come back. Are they legit? Do they increase muscle mass or reduce body fat as claimed? I cover these supplements in this vid!
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  1. r welch 11 years ago

    thanks again for all your help. I like your no nonsense approach.

  2. Jeffrey 11 years ago

    Thank you for your updates, this is great stuff.

  3. Bert 11 years ago

    Thanks Will you confirmed what I have been suspecting all along.

  4. Dkumar 11 years ago

    As usual brilliant stuff from from Will Brink, Always love your articles and videos!!!!!

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Don’t worry, someone always shows up to tell me what amazing effects they had from some GH booster because the marketing of the product told them that’s what would happen and they are immune to the placebo effect 🙂

  5. Larry Pollock 11 years ago

    There are peptide hormones like GHRP6 & CJC -1295 that actually do spike GH. The results are similair to synthetic gh and can be quite dramatic if implemented along with proper training and nutrition. There are reasons why the Proffessional Athlets of today are much bigger and stronger than their predecessors. GH is one of the reasons.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      GH may indeed be one of the reasons (though likely a minor player compared to other factors I’d conclude…) which has nothing to do with OTC “GH booster” supplements sold currently per the vid.
      As I said, lot’s of stuff has been shown to spike GH. The issue is whether that spike causes any actual changes in end points we care about.

  6. Kent Ingram 11 years ago

    Thanks, Will, for another eye-opener. Right when I think there’s a natural, somewhat-cheap alternative to injection therapy, I find that the overall assessment is that most, if not all, of the supplements out in the market today can’t measure up enough to make a difference for very long, whether it’s HGH or TRT. It’s disappointing, to say the least. But, there are probably alternatives and solutions out there, if one doesn’t have the fiscal wherewithal. I just have to take Step One and do the proper research. Better to be disappointed at the front-end than kick yourself later for blowing a bunch of money on supplements that won’t do a damn thing. Thanks, again.

  7. James 11 years ago

    This Guy knows what his talking about , his bases his findings from clinical evidence . So refreshing to here some speak the truth .

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      I do my best James! As you know, the truth does not sell product to gullible consumers sadly.

  8. Scott Abbett 11 years ago

    Informative video; great, to-the-point expose’
    I’ve always thought it interesting that GH supplements come with instructions that recommend users take them on an empty stomach at bedtime. Lo-and-behold – the body naturally secretes a big pulse of GH a few hours into sleep and low glycemia might amplilfy that a bit. I guess these companies cover their asses; nobody can really say it’s not “working”, even if simply following some instructions that create a GH-friendly endogenous environment is the “working” part.
    I’ve noticed a lot of these supplements have Glycine in the ingredients. This might deepen sleep, which also might enhance the nocturnal GH pulse.
    However, to your point: I know a bodybuilder who used GH injections for an extended period. Years later, all he has to show for it is an average physique and a suspicion that it contributed to the diabetes he now has.

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