Just made this vid with Michelle Falsetta. We did a whole body strength/conditioning day using some of my favorite tools for the job, such as sand bags, TRX trainer, and Prowler sled. From this vid, one can see highly effective workouts are not difficult to develop with a few key tools. If interested in more info, etc on any of them, see my recommended product page HERE.


  1. Cory 13 years ago

    Besides the fact she is hot and you’re one lucky sob, that is some good work. Lower bar Prowler training is an instant demoralizer and testosterone killer. I try, then I cry!!!

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      Yes, the low push is at least 50%-60% reduction in weight from my high push/normal handles, and it’s a real ego killer, not to mention makes the high push feel downright easy.

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