Looking for pink dumbbell training? Look somewhere else! 🙂

Alison shows what hard training looks like in the “No Pink Dumbbell Training Zone”

  1. Alex 12 years ago

    I’m also a true believer that women should workout like men, i know mine does.. just a few remarks on her upper back form on the front squats and a leg workout with nike shox ?
    Keep up preaching your stuff, maybe finally we will see more women with some muscle on 😉

    • Nasrin 12 years ago

      I have to say there are plenty of beautiful women with body to worship are working out just like men or harder than them ( me!!) but they are not every where to be seen. I am one of those women with muscle that you hope to see in the future……… 🙂

      • Alex 12 years ago

        Congrats Nasrin by the pic you are looking like you have come a long way..
        I workout in an big old school hardcore gym, and there a lot of woman workout like that too, including mine, but unfortunatelly most women think that if they work with weights they are gonna look bulky like men, and so they go on a diet and join an health club, ending up looking slim but flabby, like skinny french models, eheh.

        • Nasrin 12 years ago

          Thanks Alex for your comments. 🙂
          At least you are not one of those narrow minded men that say: Oh no , “Women shouldn’t have muscle”.
          They can not accept the fact that women can be as strong as men by doing some hard work at gym or even at home…….. Don’t you think so?

          • Alex 12 years ago

            In my oppinion women have a much harder work than men at home, usually there’s the kids, the cleanings and laundry, that’s why i congratulate any woman who finds the time to really take care of herself, the gym is a place where you exercise your body and your mind and where you can have the time just for yourself, at least that is how i see it..
            Also in my oppinion there’s nothing more sexy than a woman with a well sculpted,lean muscular body, and i also think that working with weights really gives women much more confidence in life and in their phisique.. keep it up 😉

  2. Nasrin 12 years ago

    Thank you Alex. 🙂 😉

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