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There’s a new hangover pill on the market getting a lot of attention.

The n = 1 experiment the author of the article below didn’t even follow the same approach the two times with/without booze, and as people drink to get buzzed, claims it “breaks down 70 percent of the alcohol within an hour” would likely just have people drink more;

Does Myrkl Work? I Tried the Anti-Hangover Pill to Find Out

There are things worth using that can reduce hangovers and damage from acute booze use (NAC, anti oxidants, aspirin, water, etc*) but this product needs to actually fund a decent clinical, or it’s just another marketing based anti hangover pill for those who don’t wanna drink less. We can debate the value of ingesting alcohol at all, but that’s a different topic…

FYI, for those who are looking for a low sugar/low carb mixed drink that actually tastes good, try the Brink Drink HERE.

The small clinical they did do, while commendable (we should always support companies that fund studies…), supports what I’m saying above, in free living humans, they will just drink more to obtain the blood alcohol levels their brain seeks:

Chronic Uptake of A Probiotic Nutritional Supplement
(AB001) Inhibits Absorption of Ethylalcohol in the
Intestine Tract – Results from a Randomized Double-
blind Crossover Study


BACkgRoUND: Regular alcohol consumption, e.g. by social drinking, is a potential source of consecutive health problems in many coun-
tries worldwide. A probiotic nutritional supplement (AB001) has been developed to reduce alcohol absorption from the intestine tract and to
mitigate potential health care risks.

METhoDS: This randomized placebo-controlled double-blind crossover study was conducted with 24 healthy subjects (13 male, 11 female,
age: 25.4 ± 7.7 years, BMI: 23.6 ± 2.5 kg/m²). The subjects were randomized to take 2 capsules/day of AB001 or placebo for 1 week prior to
an alcohol exposure experiment. On the experimental day, they ingested a light breakfast and drank a moderate glass of spirit (0.3 g/kg body
weight). Breath alcohol tests and blood draws for determination of blood alcohol levels were performed for up to 6 hours. After crossover, the
experiment was repeated in the following week. Areas under the curves were calculated to determine alcohol absorption rates.

RESUlTS: A significant reduction of blood alcohol levels by 70.3% (P < 0.005 vs. placebo) was seen with AB001, (breath test: −30.7%;
P < 0.005 vs. placebo). No difference was seen in a cognitive function test performed 60 minutes after alcohol ingestion (22.4 ± 7.7 seconds
vs. 22.7 ± 5.6 seconds, n.s.). There were no adverse events or serious adverse events reported in this study

CoNClUSIoNS: One week of supplementation with AB001 resulted in a substantially reduced absorption of alcohol into the body. Regular
uptake of AB001 may help to prevent liver and other organ damage, and may reduce the negative medical and economical impact of social
drinking on the individual and the society.

Source: HERE 

(*) = And excellent formula that covers pretty much everything but the aspirin can be found HERE and what I use and recommend those times I’m having a few drinks.


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