One of the questions I’m asked most is “Why can’t I gain more muscle Will“?
It’s almost always  because you’re following a linear program which doesn’t accommodate the body’s significant abilities of adaptation. Do the same thing week in, week out, month in, month out, and year after year, and expect to make no improvements. That’s the harsh reality of it, yet that’s how most people train!

This is one of the primary reasons, after a very long time of simply recommending nothing to my readers but my own programs, I’ve stuck my neck out and given the Hypertrophy Max program a thumbs up, because it delivers the most important principles needed to gain mass from a training perspective … you can hear my thoughts on that program as well in the video.

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Despite the marketing hype sales page, if you can get past that , the product is solid.
It comes with my stamp of approval, find out more here, it’s removed from sale in 3 days time.

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  1. Warren Dostie 10 years ago

    Nice video Will, I will have to read Hypertrophy Max. I also liked how you pointed out the fact that many people dismiss a program or informative article because the author proceeds to hawk his own version of the protocol. People must make a living, and they are providing a service by making the recommendation available to the readers. However like you said some go overboard. I don’t really care as long as their offering has merit.
    Keep it flowin

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