Model Yumi Nu photo

Plus sized model Yumi Nu is on the cover of the 2022 SI swimsuit edition, and that’s caused some controversy. I cover the subjective vs objective realities in this vid.

See her photos and story on SI HERE.

Intro Thoughts 0:001:23 For those not aware of the controversy 1:242:25 Plus sized models in fashion/criticisms of SI for cover 2:264:47 Objective vs subjective realities of the cover and model used 4:486:06 Plus Sized models on the cover of other publications 6:077:35 Jordan Peterson’s comment about the SI cover 7:368:41 What should be focused on, objective metrics: 8:4210:08 Unhealthy athletes/realities of competitive sports 10:0911:20 Message being sent/risk factors for diseases, covid, etc 11:2116:10 What about the bodybuilders dying or skinny models? 16:1118:59 “You don’t know what her health is like as you have not seen her blood work” 19:0021:55 My basic conclusions and more photos, etc 21:5624:25


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