Don’t usually comment on such things…..What does he have to apologize for? He’s an athlete, not a politician where his judgments can impact others (even though most politicians are screwing everything that moves…) so I can’t figure why he, or others, apologize to the public like that. Just once I would like someone like him to walk up the mic and say “It’s between me and my wife and none of your damn business. I hit golf balls for a living, nothing more, nothing less. See you all on the golf course” and walk away.

The only “mistake” Tiger made was getting married. However, philandering men of the wealthy/famous variety are par for the course (excuse the pun) with such men, and always have been and always will be.

News flash: wealthy/famous men, due to the nature of the male species, culture, etc, given easy access to sex, will more often then not, take advantage of it.

People really need to (1) get a life and (2) stop the hero worship of athletes and looking to athletes as examples of good moral/ethical behavior. They are by and large just over paid kids given way too much credit beyond what they do well in their particular sport.

Only lesson here is, the same old lesson: if you are going to use your fame/wealth to bang everything that moves, DON’T get married. But please, when you get “caught”  – and you WILL get caught – man up about it vs.  giving into the pressure to save your all American (invented) persona.

Sorry for the rant. 😮

PS, the above is a rhetorical question. The reason he/they have to go on public TV and eat humble pie is about $$$. If you don’t go on TV and talk about what a horrible person you are, how you made terrible mistakes, yada yada, and so forth, they lose  contracts/endorsements if they don’t get their PR machine back up and running.As usual, comes down to good old money.

  1. Simon 13 years ago

    He has to apologise because he was given a boat load of cash to be squeaky clean and he failed to deliver.
    Past that I found the whole thing a squirm fest.
    All the fake, dipping the head and poor me eyes.
    Lost even more respect for him.
    I would have liked to see:
    To my wife, I apologise, I’m a shit and you didn’t deserve it.
    To my sponsors, I let you down, I had everything and wanted more and made light of the huge payments you give me for doing pretty much jack shit in return.
    I’ve been a class A idiot, but Golfs my life, I’ll be back , better than ever to give the fans what they deserve and expert.
    Peace out.

  2. Bill Davis 13 years ago

    Hey Will, right on the money. “Yeah, I hit it.” End of story.
    But don’t get married, don’t be in a “committed” relationship (where the other side is committed and thinks you are, too).
    I wish he’d have not said a thing. See what happens with the sponsors when he goes back on Tour and begins winning again. They *need* him as much, if not more, than he needs them. See who blinks first.
    In this case, Tiger blinked. A lot.

  3. Simon 13 years ago

    Yeah exactly Bill.
    Nobody bar some moralistic dipshits blame a guy for wanting to sleep with models, but don’t do it while your married .
    Ditch the wife, get a divorce , let her do her thing without being humiliated and go shag fitness models all day, no issue with that.

  4. makster 13 years ago

    I just don’t get it. Tiger is a great golfer, might be the best ever. Obviously he is a bad person, at least morally. He cheated on his wife, happens alot it this day and age. He got caught, again happens a lot in this day and age. He acted no different than a lot of people put in that position would.
    Beautiful women around all the time, playing up to you. He did what most men of this day would do. He cheated. It just shows that a lot of todays men have a lack of moral values and a sense of privaledge to do what they want.
    I don’t care if Tiger ever golfs again, but hopefully he takes a look at the bigger picture here and changes his life for the better.

  5. Bill Ricks 13 years ago

    To paraphrase Lord Acton:
    “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely….”
    Men with great power have a tendency use it. It’s how that power is used that determines who and what the man is. Tiger had a great deal of power/influence and he opted to use it poorly. Do I feel sorry for him? No. He knew the risks of his actions. Do I believe he’s sorry? No. Like most, he’s just sorry he got caught.

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      Bill, had he simply “manned up” about it I would have far more respect for him, but no one has any character (nads baby!) these days to stand up on principle (even if it costs you some $$$…) vs. convert into a wining baby when they get caught. As Bart Simpson said “I don’t know why I did it, I don’t know why I enjoyed it, and I don’t know why I will do it again!” This aint rocket science:
      Tiger, “man up”, move on. Get your sh&% together, but I don’t care if you do…Tiger wife, take $$$ and move on. Tiger GFs, move on, get a life, SFTU already.
      Soldiers dying, economy is terrible, and my back hurts, and they that’s what people wanna focus on?
      Kill me now….

  6. Joseph 13 years ago

    Women, women, women. poor Tiger kissing up out of fear of loss for something
    that he thinks he needs, he needs nothing!!! I remember when men used to be
    masculine, dominant, and confident. Well said Mr. Brink

  7. Lorina 13 years ago

    Here’s a very straight and simple woman’s perspective: You’ve got a great career, loving & gorgeous wife, beautiful healthy children, every necessity and luxury that money can buy, and more money than you can spend in two or three lifetimes. You’ve got it all and it’s still not enough??? Shame on you for taking such blessings for granted!

  8. Juan Carlos 13 years ago

    What Tiger’s failure reveals is how twisted and distorted our sense of love, commitment, and honor has become in our sex crazed, materialistic, and success driven culture. Rich or poor, famous or infamous, sexuality immorality will always leave people broken, hurting and empty. Thankfully no one is above God’s moral laws or His mercies.

  9. pakrz 13 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more Will. That situation is strictly between himself and his wife. I’m blown away at the media attention surrounding this crap. Bill Clinton getting a BJ in the White House didn’t get this much publicity. I too wish Tiger would step up in front of the microphone and say, “None of your damn business guys” and walk away. And he’d be right, after all, it isn’t any of our damn business.

  10. Rod Corona 13 years ago

    If he hadn’t been young & black, I would have thought he was Bill Clinton apologising again. He used all the same old Clintonion characteristics. The downcast eyes, the quivering lip and chin, the almost tears, etc. Tiger should just shut up and fade away.
    But wait, Bill Clinton didn’t do that either!

  11. Jeff 13 years ago

    I agree with your comments Will, and I’d like to add that by apologizing in that manner Tiger is simply legitimizing and feeding the tabloid journalism that is dominating media these days. Pathetic. Our country is collectively getting dumber and dumber.

  12. Sid Ban 13 years ago

    The comments about Tiger Woods were written well. Congratulations about not using “macho” talk in expressing yourself. I like a more realistic, observational approach that does not insist on a violent, macho approach.
    Well, I need to congratulate Tiger Woods for his devotion to his wife, mother, etc. One can think that he is doing it for the money but that is far-fetched when he has enough to satisfy his needs. No one criticized Elvis Presley, John F. Kennedy, etc. when they had their flings. I do think however, that sex should be one’s own business. The slogan “Don’t talk about it” is appropriate for gays and straights. Sex in the U.S. has a long road to liberate itself from parochialism, don’t you think?

  13. male enhancement natural 11 years ago

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