In this vid I cover the essential points I covered in a lengthy article by the same name: absorption, solubility – as a key factor in absorption – and a new technology that improves solubility.

For those in the supplement industry especially, you’ll want to watch this vid!

  1. Joseph Piscitelli 10 years ago

    The same as my Facebook comment. Do you have a listing of what Companies or which Supplements will be using this Technology.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      I’m not privy to that info. It’s very new, so I’m not sure if any company is currently using. I’m sure many companies are looking at using it now, and I’d expect to be in use in the near future, but by who I I don’t know. If I get more info in the near future, I’ll follow up via face book, this page, etc.

  2. don slater 10 years ago

    Will: Absorbtion is why I always take lecithin and omega 3 fish oil with my all natural vitamins. Do you think I am correct in doing this? I still wonder about my creapure micronized creatine when it mostly settles at the bottom of my glass after stirring. I am afaraid to wait and stir to much because of the thought of creatinine building up in it. Can you give me your advice.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Some nutrients are best absorbed when taken with meals that contain fat, so in some cases, your strategy may improve absorption of some nutrients. You can find on the net which nutrients are known to have superior absorption when taken with fats. There’s no studies I’m aware of specific to fish oils + lecithin and absorption of specific nutrients, but both are generally good for you, so no harm done anyway.
      Creatine, I recommend people pre dissolve it in warm liquids first, and you can find my vids on that topic here on the site.

  3. Tatiana 9 years ago

    Does it even make sense to take any of the supplements that are not being absorbed well by the body such as curcumin (ie, for anti-inflammation, Alzheimer’s prevention, or cancer protection)? Is curcumin better absorbed when taken as a tumeric (ie, as a whole food spice, so to speak)? Does adding black pepper or piperine to tumeric when cooking, or even when taking the curcumin supplement, aid in the absorption of curcumin? Thanks for your feedback.

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