How do seemingly smart people get scammed? In this vid I show the classic language used by top scam artists and suggest ways you can see through it and avoid it!

  1. jim 9 years ago

    This is a fascinating video and absolutely applicable not only here but as you indicated, in all areas of life.
    What you are really talking about is being able to quickly identify a logical fallacy. What works so well about this process is that you really don’t need to know much about the subject content for this to work.
    Unfortunately, most college graduates will not be able to do this. Worse yet, our physicians (trained scientists) employ fallacious arguments against the use of male hormone replacement on a routine basis. Perhaps calling them on this might help to point out their scientific prejudice.
    There are lists of fallacies on the internet. To start, memorize 4 or 5 of the most commonly employed fallacies and try to identify them in every day activities. Most of us will be shocked how frequently a lack of logic is used in every day life.

    • Author
      Will Brink 9 years ago

      Well as noted in the vid, i was attempting to at least limit it to the topic of focus of my vids/info as to not throw out to wide a net. But as you say, it can and should be applied to any topic, especially emotional laden topics. Vast majority of docs throw all critical thinking skills out the window at the very mention of AAS, and are just starting to improve with T. Some will still tell you creatine is bad for you, even though no data supports it, and stacks of data show it has all manner of potential health benefits,
      The list goes on sadly….But, I find if people can learn to apply some learned critical thinking skills to a topic of interest, they will then do it with other topics, so there’s often a benefit over time.
      Critical Thinking is a learned skill, just like learning a second language, etc, and most people again don’t realize that. That vid I link do does a great job of outlining the topic.

      • Jim 9 years ago

        Hi Will. I agree with your reply as well.
        It might be a better idea to start with critical thinking before moving on to logic…
        Great change of topics.

  2. Philip 9 years ago

    Will I don’t see a link to the other video you mention in your video

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