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This vid is from a recent talk I gave and covers the importance of inflammation, how to test for it, and how to address it. Chronic systemic inflammation (CSI) plays a an important role in most major diseases, finally starting to get the attention and traction it deserves, especially with cardio vascular disease!

Intro 0:00 – 2:30
What is inflammation? 2:31- 4:15
Diseases/conditions and inflammation 4:16 – 7:00
How to test for systemic inflammation 7:01 – 8:36
ESC info-graphic on CVD 8:37 – 11:08
CRP testing vs LDL and CVD risk 11:09 – 18:20
Recent Lancet study 18:21 – 20:47
What should your CRP numbers be? 20:48 – 21:35
Addressing elevated CRP (inflammation) 21:36 – 26:55 Mediterranean Diet discussion 26:56 – 32:31
Supplements 32:32 – 36:00
Conclusions and recs 36:01 – 38:30

  1. Ingrid Barclay 1 year ago

    Thanks Will. I stumbled onto this whilst looking for information on chronic inflammation. I really found this both interesting and useful. Thank you, and thank you for citing the source towards the end. I shall pass that along to my client who has a few issues pertaining to the above.

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