The Importance of Critical Thinking & Understanding the basics of the scientific method

These two vids are very well done and useful for science minded and non alike to understand how important critical thinking is. “Skewed Views of Science” will be the best 10 minutes any non-scientist can spend. For example, most people don’t actually know what the term “theory” means in science. You will hear someone say “Well X is ‘only’ a theory” and dismiss it.

All that tells us is the person is totally ignorant of the most basic science terms and how the scientific method works in a general sense.
These vids are for non-scientists who want (need!) to know how science works on a general level, and will help to combat the current anti science/anti logic/anti critical thinking that is so common today.

  1. Adriene Bermea 12 years ago

    howdy this is a wonderful blog, would you think about being a guest writer on my web log?

  2. Wildtim 12 years ago

    While I agree with what he calls a theory as the top end of what a theory can be it also denotes every unverified idea a scientist comes up with even if that theory is indefensible.
    For instance it would still be a theory to say that CEE is the best form of creatine and there are studies tat purport to support that theory. It is mostly these flawed theories people see in the media. Say the "threat" that ends every news broadcast ie: your tap water is killing you!!! These exposures to junk science have caused people, not to doubt science itself but the integrity of scientists to the point where they have to question everything or risk being deceived by advertising masquerading as science.

  3. wildtim 12 years ago

    Frankly when this guy starts making assumptions about the thory of evolution and argues for it I just want to beat him over the head with his own video.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      And why is that? It’s probably the best supported scientific theory there is. You in genetics? Didn’t think…Let’s see what someone who actually knows the science says on that:
      “We seem to be engaged in contentious, destructive, and wholly
      unnecessary debate about evolution and creation. From my perspective
      as a scientist working on the genome, the evidence in favor of
      evolution is overwhelming . . . Outside of a time machine, Darwin
      could hardly have imagined a more powerful data set than comparative
      genomics to confirm his theory.” – Francis Collins, top geneticist and born again Christian

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