My article specific to caffeine ( coffee and caffeine do not have the same effects BTW…) actually generated a number of comments and questions on coffee, so I did this vid.

For you coffee lovers, this vid is for you! 🙂

  1. Liz 13 years ago

    We like Raphael’s Coffee in Tennessee. They were closed, I guess for vacation as we had trouble ordering last year about this same time, last time we placed an order so we went with Spice Merchant in Wichita because we could just pop in & pick up what we wanted. But we much prefer Raphael’s. We’ll have to try your recommendation to see how we like it. Thanks for sharing that source with us.

  2. Steve Colescott 13 years ago

    Great segment. One of my favorites is “Bad Ass Coffee.” In addition to the cool name, I felt it had a mule-like kick to it and a smooth, full taste (moderate acid). I used to go to the Sundance Film Festival every year and first had it at their location there and had a chance to visit their other location in Hawaii where they grow the beans (and where the jackass on the label resides in the front yard). Definitely worth a shot.

  3. joe 13 years ago

    Well Mr Brink, no one will ever seperate me from my coffee or cafine(at this juncture of my life I have more coffee in my viens than blood) t/c

  4. David Felten 13 years ago

    Hello Will,
    I hope you get a chance to read this.
    I am a wheelchair chair bound disabled, Vietnam veteran. When I returned home from the service some 40 years ago, I was “head strong” to be the best at everything I had to do. I worked out consistently. I practiced and taught Martial Arts. I attended evening school and attained my degree, an MBA, and a PhD, along with several professional certifications. I worked as a Fraud Examiner and Forensic Auditor. I reviewed all Chicago and area banks.
    I also lived happily married to my wife, and “rock,” of over 40 years, Kathy.
    We were never capable of having children. While I was on my “journey,” I fought off frequent attacks of weird illnesses that my doctors could never explain. I am a “survivor,” and I kept “pushing on.”
    In 1998, I was “ambushed.” I could no longer fight off the variety of symptoms I was constantly suffering from: choking on food and drink, losing my balance, vision and speaking problems, dropping things, etc.
    After being examined by dozens of “specialists,” it was finally determined that I have an incurable, slowly progressive, neuro-muscular illness. The cause???? It was from the pesticides we dipped our dogs in every week to help fight off the ticks in ‘Nam.
    The stuff, malathion, is a neuro toxin. We would get soaked and within a couple of minutes it was gone. Much of it absorbed into our bodies and stored in our fatty tissues and organs. This plus my exposure to Agent Orange was the cause of my attacks of strange illnesses through out my life and then resulting in a complete breakdown of my immune system.
    I do not tell you this for “pity,” Will. I never feel “sorry for myself.” I have placed myself “in God’s hands,” and I thank Him each day for the Blessings He has given me.
    This is to provide you with my background to determine if you can help me.
    I need to lose excess fat, and I want to retain as much upper body strength as possible. I have also developed Type II Diabetes. I do not need to take insulin yet.
    I am 62 and I want to destroy the excess fat on my body, approx 20lbs.
    Is this the right place for me?
    Thank you for your time and any information.
    God bless,
    David Felten

  5. Raz 13 years ago

    Hi Will,
    I think this might blow your mind about coffee.
    1. It is acidic, so acidic that 20 cups of alkaline water is needed to restore the body to its ideal PH of 7.2
    2.Its antioxidant value is negligible,as the caffeine reduces the glutathion [the most important antioxidant ] levels in the body.
    3.Caffeine destroys the central nervous system and vastly reduces the bodies capacity to tolerate physical and emotional stress.
    4.Caffeine makes you insulin resistant, it makes you fat and diabetic.
    Its the biggest selling drug on the planet and if one is healthy, one doesn’t need it. Like all drugs it just props up sick people for the short term.
    Oh and it takes a month for 1 cup of coffee to totally leave your system.
    Have a good one!

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      Raz, sorry, I’m not buying what you are selling here.
      “1. It is acidic, so acidic that 20 cups of alkaline water is needed to restore the body to its ideal PH of 7.2”
      Supply your data for that statement. Balanced diets with adequate buffering nutrients, are no issue to moderate coffee intake and acid/alk balance is generally poorly understood by non scientists in my experience, which others taken advantage of.
      “2.Its antioxidant value is negligible,as the caffeine reduces the glutathion [the most important antioxidant ] levels in the body.”
      Again, supply your data. I have done research on GSH since late 80s, GSH is not the most important anti ox, but it is a major water soluble one of importance to be sure. Two, caffeine and coffee are not the same thing (see other article linked) so any data you supply showing effects, must be for coffee and GSH vs caffeine and GSH, be in invivo, in humans, etc.
      “3.Caffeine destroys the central nervous system and vastly reduces the bodies capacity to tolerate physical and emotional stress.”
      Supply your data that moderate coffee intake destroys the CNS. That’s utter nonsense.
      “4.Caffeine makes you insulin resistant, it makes you fat and diabetic.”
      Which is why there’s now a large amount of data showing coffee acts as an anti diabetic agent? Again, I suspect you are not getting your info from legit sources published in the peer reviewed lit in high impact sci/med journals.
      There’s now a large volume of data that strongly suggests moderate coffee use is a net plus to health, some of which I touched on in the vid.

      • Raz 13 years ago

        Hi Will,
        thanks for your reply. I followed the body building lifestyle from my teens till my 40’s. In hindsight it made me immune to many health problems. I am not saying I know it all just that spending a decade chronically ill either destroys one or makes them more open minded. I have a science degree and flew jets for a living so I thought I was smart , so did the quack doctors I saw. In the 17th century the elites thought vegetables and water were poison. Many of us would have been stoned to death for our health views now.
        If your open minded do some study on alkaline theory.
        Glutathion levels drop 1% a year past 20 and the greatest predictor of hitting 100 is being optimistic and having having high GSH , Pub Med has 90,000 articles on GSH , alas caffeine reduces GSH.
        If you knew about mental health it would explain the dangers of caffeine. Chronic fatigue comes from burned out adrenal glands crushed by caffeine.
        To find health I had to find a naturopathic approach to total health, which I believe is what you really want. I like coffee too and sugar and fat etc etc , dam our taste buds
        There is a double edge sword with many foods and substances, there are better ways to keep energy than caffeine.
        Lets have this chat in 20 years and see what you think then, OK,
        Thanks anyway for efforts to make the world a healthier place..

        • Author
          Will Brink 13 years ago

          So what you are saying, is you don’t have a drop if legit support for those unsubstantiated claims you had made above regarding coffee. If you don’t like coffee, because you have decided it’s evil stuff, that’s fine, but I highly recommend you leave the science to science types like myself. Best not to make claims you can’t support without solid data. Opinion and opinion supported by the objective published data, are two different things. Yours falling in the former category…
          Good luck Raz 🙂

          • Gaurav 13 years ago

            I think too many researches these days including on coffee are like a full-body MRI, where one can always find fault somewhere, even if everything is functionally perfectly fine.

    • DavidE 13 years ago

      Pretty alarming allegations. Can you provide references to document your claims?
      Just asking.

  6. David 13 years ago

    Hey Will
    Any thoughts on the farming practices for coffee beans and whether organic coffee matters or not? Poliquin has made a big deal about coffee being one of the most important things to make sure you go with organic…

  7. Luiz 13 years ago

    Hi Will
    Very good info. I like coffee the way you do, black and strong. I gotta be careful, though, because more than 1/2 a cup of a real strong Brazilian coffee makes me “overclocked”.

  8. Annette 13 years ago

    I LOVE MY COFFEE!! I have not had coffee from a French press thingy ma jig. Next time we meet up, the heck with the drinks….Let’s have some strong black coffee together 🙂

  9. Pete 13 years ago

    Strong & Black. HaHa, classic, Mr. Brink.
    On another note, would be interested in topics on weight training for older folks. Been doing this for 30 years now, and don’t see much on the topic. Deriving my own theories from experience, but always good to get input from others. You are the best sir.

  10. RJ 13 years ago

    Love coffee as well. You may want to try community coffee. I travel a lot and drink a lot of different coffee, by far this brand is the best I have ever had.

  11. RussianBearCoach 13 years ago

    As a psychotherapist, I need so much caffeine to go through the day that I have skipped coffee (except for my morning espresso’s) and have bought straight-up synthetic anhydrous caffeine from a supplier online (which, interestingly enough, a few hundred doses was cheaper than a pound of coffee!) to put in my water bottle.
    A few thoughts –
    A) Thank you for this video!
    B) Bear in mind that it can take 30-60 minutes for coffee to kick in (footnote 1). Like alcohol, a full stomach delays absorption and it takes some time for our brains to react. So pace your consumption!
    C) Half-life of caffeine is six hours (footnote 2). So, again, pace your consumption – two cups of coffee after a full lunch might not enter your blood stream fully until 3pm, then by 9pm you would still have about 100mg of caffeine in your system.
    D) There is a difference between “Stimulants” and “Amphetamines”. I say this because people tend to use the two words interchangeably and this effects our home-research done on them.
    E) Even though I use a lot of caffeine, I frequently will go days without it without a second thought. Hence all of the research – to combat over-opinionated, misinformed half-wits who will talk about caffeine addiction and make up facts on the spot just to sound smart (talking about acidity and the like – Oranges are acidic, so be sure to avoid them if you have a cold! What horsesh*t. Right up there with mucoid plaque and homeopathy. )
    F) I, too, like my coffee like I like my women; Ground up and in the freezer.
    Will – Thanks & You’re the best!
    Eric B
    1 Liguori, A (1997). “Absorption and Subjective Effects of Caffeine from Coffee, Cola and Capsules”. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 58: 721–6. doi:10.1016/S0091-3057(97)00003-8.
    2 Caffeine component of Koffazon], taken from (Swedish Drug Catalog). Last updated 2010-02-10

    • Raz 13 years ago

      Alas people see what they choose to see,psychotherapists like many mental health professionals get into the business to sort themselves out. A lemon is acidic too but the bodily response is alkaline. If you need this much caffeine to get through your therapy sessions I suggest there is an elephant in the room. No offense intended.
      Have a good one.

      • RussianBearCoach 13 years ago

        No worries, Raz, I’m unoffendable.
        (However, I’m starting to find you rather entertaining – LOL)
        I don’t have a dog in this one, so later ‘gator – E
        “You must do what you want now, because too late comes too soon.”
        sent from my palm pre on AT&T

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      To add, the effects of caffeine and coffee are quite different and people should refer to the linked article above for that info if interested.

  12. David Frost 13 years ago

    Hey Will, Have you tried Kopi Luwak coffee? It’s also known as “Cats ass” coffee because of how the coffee beans are “harvested”. No kidding! It was the beverage of choice for Jack Nicholson in “The Bucket List”. At $99 a pound, it’s the highest priced and best tasting coffee there is, or so they claim. Too pricey for me, so I haven’t tried it, but price may not be the only issue for not trying it… 🙂 Interesting, though.

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      Have not tried it, and at approx $100 per lb, wont be for a long time….

  13. Pedro Eduardo 13 years ago

    I love your comments on coffee…Iam a coffee lover myself. I live in Peru. And we are one of the most important coffee makers in the world. If you someday come around for a visit to Cusco, Macchu Picchu please go to the closest supermarket and buy coffee of the Valley of Tunkibamba which has now won several prices for being the worlds finest coffee. Yes, even better than Colombian coffee. We have other great coffees from Villarica and Oxapampa. So please…let me know any curiosity you have about my country and its coffee. BTW, its true, Star-bucks is not a great coffee anymore. I cant stand fancy 500 calorie coffee. Oh, and i do still have my cup of coffee every morning, even when my nutricionist tells me I should do so often. Iam still striving to get my abs. Havent gotten the secret to get there, yet! Iam certainly positive its not the coffee.

    • Steve Colescott 13 years ago

      “Coffee like your women, strong and black”? I’m just glad you didn’t go with, “I like my coffee like my women… preserved for freshness in my freezer.”

  14. Dan 13 years ago

    My favorite coffee right is Mystic Monk it is strong with very little after taste/ bite.

    • Guest 13 years ago

      Raz (Troll) – Please stop coming out with such unsupported crap! your deterring people away from Wills good work. Will – Great video, very informative and backing up what I already believed to be true of Coffee, great work, keep it up!

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