Deborah is not a competitive figure/fitness type, but stays in great condition year round. I’m trying to convince her she should compete! Here’s a chest/back day I did with her recently. Some areas of form to improve on, but she’s getting there for sure:

  1. Cal 13 years ago

    She is in great shape. I’m just curious why dips were in the workout when it was a chest and back training day? Dips are mostly tricepts. Does she not have a day where tricepts are trained? I’d think that there are more back/chest specific exercises than dips. Can you explain why dips are in this routine? Also, have her BREATHE rather than hold her breath.

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      Dips are a great multi joint exercise that work the pectorals, shoulders and triceps. Multi joint “best bang for the buck” exercise like bench press (various angles), dips, etc are the most efficient effective exercises. Under load, people will always naturally hold their breath to some degree (Valsalva manoeuvre). No one using 1RM loads in the 80% or above will breath naturally in my experience. Generally, inhaling , followed holding breath on the eccentric for a short period of time, and releasing breath on the concentric part of the movement, is common breathing patterns.
      Anyone who tells you you can breath naturally has never been under a heavy squat bar, etc…

  2. Jose Antonio 13 years ago

    The girl has a very good shape to compete. Needs a little bit improving but she is very strong and is in very good conditions.

  3. leonard 13 years ago


    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      Writing in all caps = yelling at people on the ‘net…How should I know what you are doing wrong? Could be a lot of things from poor programming, to poor nutrition, and or many other possible variables to consider…. I would start by reading the many articles here on my site discussing training, nutrition, etc. as a way to start learning what you need to know to making improvements. Good luck:)

  4. ron tompkins 13 years ago

    pretty cool

  5. Big A 13 years ago

    Will how dare you, train that beautiful woman like she is a man. She is going to get all bulky and not look like a woman anymore. JK of course…. great job she should compete for sure, but its not for everyone, how about you just bring her to the beach with you next time you do those videos from the beach!!! LOL
    but on a more serious note, please buy her some gloves…as I would hate her hands to callus up and lose their femininity that goes along with those manicured nails she has!!! I only says this bc I know you got her doing deadlifts and all those great free weight lifts!!!
    😉 keep up the good work love the video series!!!

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      No gloves, no pink dumbells, no soft music, just real training! 🙂

      • Richard Rodil 13 years ago

        Its been a very interesting site you got here,when it comes to doing the right procedure on work-outs/body building…thanks will

  6. r 13 years ago

    So great to see a fellow woman train with a decent intensity and not with those toy weights. She is great! Where I live unfortunately those rare women who train effectively and not just jerk around wasting their time are all getting strange looks, people look at me like if I was an alien, it is so damn annoying to be discriminated for training efficiently. They have been watching as I lost 55 pounds with heavy training, instead of gaining size but they still keep bullshitting about bulking effects. It would be great if more women trained like this, instead of wasting their time, and then maybe people would accept us more.

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      The more women who train hard and do their own thing and pay no attention to the ignorant and or small minded, the more so will they be accepted. If they don’t accept you, fu&% ’em… 🙂
      Check out Sumi’s section here on the blog for more examples of what women can accomplish by actually training using real weights and real intensity to accomplish their goals, be it to lose of fat, add some muscle, etc.

  7. Deborah Delany 13 years ago

    WOW. Did not see the comments below. It is very motivating hearing all of them.
    Everyone needs a lift in spirits and motivation to keep going.
    🙂 Deborah Delany

    • Richard Rodil 13 years ago

      Hi Deborah got a perfect shape and a great hobbies that i love body building.

      • Deborah D 13 years ago

        Thanks Richard. I have a ways to go lower body… Upper body I am happy with!

  8. Alex 13 years ago

    Another great video !!
    I compliment you on trying to let women know how to train to get results, not wasting time on aerobics classes like i see so many doing..
    My wife works exactly like this alongside me, maybe with just a litlle bit more explosive tempo, and is getting amazing results.
    Keep it up !

  9. John Grussi 13 years ago

    Will, great W.O. My gym does not have the TSX system what alternative exercises do you recommend. What is D’s training goal? How much rest between sets?

  10. shafie 13 years ago

    for me those exercises on the ropes were great and new to me iwill definitely give it it ago as i gym at home i just need to make a plan with those contraptions. thanx

  11. John Troy 13 years ago

    Excellent tone. Will is right, you should compete!

    • Deborah D 13 years ago

      I have a ways to go lower body wise…

  12. rich welch 13 years ago

    have to admit- inspiring! Thanks for all the good info.

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