I just attended the 2011 NAS Police/Fire/Military Nationals along with the Massachusetts State Strongman/Strongwoman Championhips, held at Total Performance Sports located in Everett, Massachusetts. The events for this competition were:

1. Giant Dumbbell press for reps
2. Tire Flip for 100 ft
3. Farmer’s Walk / Yoke Medley (50 ft each)
4. Standing Arm over Arm Sled Pull (50 ft)
5. Atlas Stones (5 stone series)

Considering the fact a major hurricane was expected at any moment (and actually arrived right at the end of the event BTW…) there was a solid turn out.

  1. Ray 12 years ago

    What does the giant dumb bell weigh?

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      It depended on what weight class you were in, but I believe they ranged from 90lbs to 150lbs. They were also full of sand making them feel even heavier then they actually weighed :0

  2. kevin 12 years ago

    Note to self: If I ever were to do one of these competitions, stand the big tire up then slam it down hard so that it slides several inches.

  3. Kent Ingram 12 years ago

    Will, I just had a thought watching that video: wouldn’t it be cool to see an old-time strongman from over 120 years ago, Eugen Sandow, compete with these modern guys? Would the modern guys have the advantage, or would Sandow still prevail? At any rate, that was an astounding display of raw strength and leverage! I feel a lot safer knowing these heroes have the physical strength and stamina they do. Thanks for a fascinating video clip!

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