Online Fitness, Performance, Health Seminar for The Tactical Community

Will Brink has created this six part series of videos to cover the essential issues that apply to all first responders, with an emphasis on tactical LE/ tactical community. 

The seminar covers topics such as:

  • The importance of proper nutrition and training for the health and longevity of the tactical athlete, specifically as it applies to LE
  • Use patterns of supplements by SOF, with recommendations made on the issue for LE
  • The essential issues surrounding correct programming for training of tactical athletes
  • Recommendation of balanced programs for strength, endurance, and conditioning
  • The impact of training on health & performance
  • Various research examples
  • Recommended readings
  • Using Heart Rate Monitors to optimize intensity

And it’s only $10! For more info or to order, go HERE

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  1. jason 14 years ago

    very cool blog

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