Bob Kennedy 1938-2012


For those of you who grew up reading MuscleMag International, I’m sad to report that Bob Kennedy has passed away. MuscleMag International (MMI) was where I got my start, and I have known Bob since early 90s where he encouraged me to keep sending articles to MMI. Bob was very influential in the bodybuilding/fitness industry. Some additional thoughts on my experiences with Bob and others in the industry can be read linked below.


Bob Kennedy and yours truly at 2011 Arnold Classic


Bob was a unique individual to say the least. MMI, via Bob, has been the launching point for many careers in the bbing world/fitness world for writers, athletes, photographers, etc, and although less well known then say Joe Weider or Arnold, Bob was a household name for anyone who grew up with MMI, his various books (first bbing book I ever read was “Beef It” by Bob as a goofy kid in the early 80s…), and his well known support for the athletes and sport in general. He also published my first book “Priming The Anabolic Environment” for which I’m eternally grateful. He also  published the magazines Oxygen, Reps!, Clean Eating and American Curves.

An article I just posted recently called “Reflections: people I have known in the industry“, has some additional comments on Mr Kennedy if interested.


RIP Bob… 🙁



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