I’m often asked about my Body Building Revealed (BBR) Program, and I’ll send them to the sales related page which has a full description of what the program is all about. The problem is, BBR contains so much info and so many resources for those looking to change their physique, even describing it takes up a lot of space! I decided to make a brief but very specific vid that gets right to the heart of what BBR is all about.

  1. Robert Lindley 13 years ago

    I personally think your moderators are worth the money on their own, obviously people won't know that until they take the 'gamble' but they are what make the forum. Honest, friendly and quick to respond, can't ask for much more really, well…maybe a complementary Shake Weight.

  2. math games 13 years ago


  3. LukeQKMB 13 years ago

    I have bought Bodybuilding Revealed and frequently go to it to get information and also will consult it to find out answers to new questions. If you want the whole 'tamale' on gaining muscle I definitely recommend it.

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