Announcing The BrinkZone Monthly T-Shirt Contest! :mrgreen:

I’ll pick a winner each month. Winner gets a whole mess of goodness:

• An interview post dedicated to you on the BrinkZone, with link back to your web page/URL of your choosing. I’ll send you the questions. The BrinkZone gets 50,000+ unique visitors per month and over 330.000+ page views, and growing, so that’s not small traffic potentially for someone looking to get “noticed” and drive some traffic to their site. In addition to your winning picture, you can add two additional pictures of your choice.*

• A mail out to my extensive (read large…) mailing lists announcing you as the winner, and directing them to see your pic, read your interview, and see your site

• Free access to either my Body Building Revealed Program or Fat Loss Revealed Program (your choice!) . Go check out the costs of those programs to see what you’re getting for the simple cost of a T shirt. Anyone with either program will tell you it’s money well spent and probably saves on the costs of the program 10X per year due to what you learn about supplements alone!

• Regardless of winning or not, your pic will be added to the members T shirt picture gallery, which still gets some respectable traffic. See the most recent members pictures HERE

And of course, you can always submit another picture for the next month’s win!

What you have to do to win:

Get a T shirt (or other garment you like) of any style, etc, and send me a picture. See the many styles, cuts, logos, etc HERE with examples of members wearing a small sample of what’s available HERE

The picture you submit picture can be what ever you want: funny, cool, sexy, what ever. Just make it compelling and BrinkZone winner worthy! That’s all you have to do!

I’d say this contest is about as good an ‘investment’ as it gets, and at worst, you end up with a really cool T shirt! Contest starts officially Feb First and winner picked at the end of each month.

Note: First contest was to help me with a slogan for the BrinkZone apparel. However, this will be an ongoing contest and the winner, for their minimal investment, wins big!

* = at my discretion of course and can’t be commercial in nature.

  1. frank cameron 12 years ago

    show the results of your programs by allowing your viewers to actually pick out the before situation and monitor the progress along the road to success. That way we will see the validity of your claims.

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      And what does that have to do with T Shirts?

  2. maurice 12 years ago

    Well, Brink i believe in you,that is really insparing and it brings people close to learning and understanding,i also a sure you that many of us are going to participate in this months competition.thank you.

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