Note: sadly, people can’t purchase this sled currently. I will alert people via lists and social media should that ever change.

The BrinkZone Avenger sets a new standard in push sled function and design.

The Avenger loaded up and ready to rock!

The Avenger loaded up and ready to rock!

Anyone who’s followed my articles and numerous vids has probably figured out by now that I love push sleds.  After working with people and groups ranging from SWAT teams, fitness models, strong man competitors, body builders, IFBB pro Figure competitors, to Joe/Jane every day fitness enthusiast, it should be readily apparent I think push sleds are the bombe.

I’m far from alone on that assessment, as many of the best known and highly respected Strength & Conditioning coaches, such as Joe DeFranco, Jim Wendler, and Mike Boyle, to name a few, consider sled training an invaluable tool regardless of the athlete or the goal.  The longer I use sleds with an ever wider variety of people with varying goals, the more convinced I became that the push sled is the single most effective strength and conditioning tool known to mankind. Push sleds have become very popular as of late, and for damn good reason; they work like no other tool in existence in my estimation. I like sleds so much as an overall strength & conditioning tool I developed an entire program around the sled and dedicated FaceBook page to them, but more on that later. If you’re a regular user of push sleds, you don’t require any convincing from me on how effective a training tool they are.

‘Till now, there’s only been two major options in sleds: a full sized heavy duty push sled for maximal training benefits, or smaller lighter sleds that are easy to transport, but fall well short of the training benefits of the full sized push sleds. The only major drawback of the full sized heavy duty push sled is the fact they’re difficult to transport and store. Unless you have an SUV or pick up truck, they are difficult to virtually impossible to easily transport from your house to the gym, or to the park, or other locations you want to do your sled work, until now…

Enter the BrinkZone Avenger by Slayer Barbell.

Even if you have the ability to transport your big ol’ push sled, they still take up a lot of space in your home or facility. In my discussions with people as to why they didn’t own a “real” push sled, even though aware of their many benefits, being unable to transport them and or store them was the major reason preventing them from owning one. Thus, the concept for the BrinkZone Avenger Sled was born, which offers all the benefits of a heavy duty commercial grade push the ease of transportation and storage of smaller lighter products. Watch how easily and quickly I can assemble the Avenger sled without any tools:

Try this with another full sized commercial grade push sled:

Fits into trunk of compact car

Fits into trunk of compact car

Knowing that was the major barrier so many people were not enjoying the benefits of push sled training, I began working with Jim G at Slayer Barbell on a design that covered everything a quality commercial grade push sled should be, with the ability to transport it and store it, and it had to require no tools! A very tall order indeed, but I knew if anyone could do it, it would be Jim at Slayer Barbell. The result of our collaboration is the only commercial grade full sized push sled that can be put together – or broken down – in just a few minutes and easily transported or stored. Believe me, this design took a lot of trial and error by Jim in his shop, with me returning the beta tester models for changes and tweaks. If my name was going to be associated with it, it had to act like, feel like, and look like, a rock solid full sized commercial grade push sled. I’d worked with some of the so called easy to transports budget sleds and was not impressed for various reasons. The Avenger sled is the equal of any sled on the market, made in the USA, built to order, and can be used in commercial setting, by sports teams, by people looking to load max weight on a push sled, or do their conditioning work, knowing the sled is a top quality commercial grade product. How much weight will the Avenger take? Here’s Dr. Peter Chiang using 1,000+lbs on the Avenger without even

phasing this sled:

I have personally seen lesser quality budget sleds come apart the welded seams, or show stress fractures, and fall apart after being used for a few months. The stuff you may find at some big sports store chain made in China is not commercial grade stuff, and many end up wishing they had invested in legit heavy duty commercial grade sled. The Avenger will be at home in a gym used by many, sports teams, or individuals looking to take their strength & conditioning work to the highest levels. When it comes to quality push sleds, as with so many things in life, you get what you pay for…As with any quality push sled, you can push the BrinkZone Avenger using high and low positions, pull it in various ways, and reap the benefits only quality push sleds will deliver over years of use in various setting. Here’s some examples:

The Avenger sled offers all the benefits of full sized push sleds without the major drawbacks. It’s a game changer for all those people who wanted a “real” sled they could transport and store, be it an individual, gym or sports team. The Avenger is an exclusive offering from BrinkZone made by Slayer Barbell built in the USA, built to order, buy a veteran owned business.



  1. mark grove 10 years ago

    Interesting new invention there Will.
    Not sure if its just a pure power movement type of apparatus, or if it’s working certain areas of the body.
    Thanks Will
    Much success to you with The Brink Zone Avenger Push Sled.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Push sleds are use for strength development, endurance, GPP, conditioning, etc, All energy systems can be trained, and there’s no muscle that’s not worked directly or indirectly. There’s no more effective whole body strength & conditioning tool that exists, hence their popularity with the top coaches out there, a few listed in the beginning of this page and elsewhere on this site.

  2. Ignacio Rubio-Landaluce 10 years ago

    Great stuff, Will! But what about the harness and ropes needed for pulling? I think it would be a great idea to have the full combo option too!

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Those will be offered in the future, but few people tend to buy such items in one go in my experience, but tend to add them later as they realize how much more they can do with things like ropes, harness, etc. Offering those as a single package is in the works 🙂

  3. Mike Davi 9 years ago

    any idea when this item is coming back in stock? It seems like its been out of stock for months.

    • Author
      Will Brink 9 years ago

      They are moving to larger facilities so that’s been the major delay. Of course it’s taking far longer than expected per usual 🙁

    • Author
      Will Brink 8 years ago

      See below!

  4. Author
    Will Brink 8 years ago

    There’s currently ONE sled for sale, as of Feb/2/16, if anyone is interested.

    • David Gilbert 7 years ago

      Is this product even available anymore? The company was moving and now the web site is closed down. It seems the product has been unavailable for purchase for over a year.
      I really like the portable aspect of the product.
      If this particular product is not available anymore, then do you recommend any other sleds with similar design. It seems I might need to start researching alternatives.

      • Author
        Will Brink 7 years ago

        I was hoping the company would get back up to speed and make these again, but they have not. Really sucks. I would need to find a new manufacturer. I’m not aware of anything like it, but there are designs out there that are quite portable.

  5. Salim Bakar Hilal 8 years ago

    Dear Sir and Madam.
    Thank you so much for the mail and advertisement.
    I’ll try to have your product in the near future.
    Kind Regards,
    Salim Bakar Hilal.

  6. Jeffrey A Conrad 3 years ago

    Will Brink,please let me know when the Avenger sleds will be available again Also when the ropes and
    pulling harness are offered.

    Jeff Conrad

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