Casein or whey, which is best?

The casein vs. whey issue seems to contribute to much confusion for people. In this vid, I touch on the essential differences between them. I go into much more depth in the “pages” of Bodybuilding Revealed on casein, but an article that goes into depth regarding the shortcomings of the studies comparing these two proteins  – as well as additional info on the whole pre and post workout nutrition topic – is mentioned in this vid and found HERE.

  1. Next Level PT 14 years ago

    It's amazing how far people go in trying to find the "perfect" protein supplement, when many of them don't even have their diets properly dialed in. I think the "post workout window" for strength/hypertrophy workouts is a lot less crucial when the pre-workout meal is done right, since whatever protein you ate is likely still digesting, even after your workout is over. Great stuff as usual!

  2. adri 14 years ago

    your blog is very good

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