This is an excellent exercise especially for downhill skiers. It targets the bottom position of the squat with an isometric hold.
And the beauty of it is, you’re not holding the weight on your back, so back strength will not be a limiting factor. This will ALL come down to thigh strength and endurance.
You can do this one in the rack or freestanding…it’ll work the same either way. The rack makes it easier to get the bar into position and will allow you push yourself longer without having to worry about what to do with the bar when you’re done.

Stand up with the bar, just like doing a deadlift. I recommend using a barbell pad…it’ll allow you to use more weight in more comfort.

Now squat down, holding the bar on your upper thighs.

Once you’re down in the bottom squat position, brace your elbows against the bar (just like a skier would do in the tuck position). Now just hold in that position for as long as you can.

When you’re done, just grab the bar and stand up! Very simple and very effective.

This is the perfect way to train the bottom squat position without putting any stress or strain on your back and removing the back as a limiting factor (or the bar sliding down your back).

It also allows you to really load that position with substantial weight. You’re only limited by how much you can stand having resting on your thighs (which is where the barbell pad comes in handy).


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