If you have not read the full article on this topic, you may want to do so after watching this vid. If you just want the quick “down and dirty” facts about this category of supplements, here’s the vid:

  1. greg 13 years ago

    i am confused.i am looking for a personalized supplement program,but all i get is generalized info.i need to find someone who will design a program for me.any suggestions?

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      Greg, personalizing a program = you don’t the research to figure out what makes sense for you. Sure, you can pay someone to do it I suppose, but you will never really know if it’s optimal or even really personalized for you. My ebooks cover essentially every supplement on the market (and what ever they don’t cover is found on the forums that come with the ebooks..) so people can learn what “works” and what’s a waste of money. You know, “teach a man to fish…” and all that.

  2. liam 13 years ago

    I’m reading this post from my I-Phone and it looks great! I like your writing style and you make some excellent points about testosterone.

  3. Merrie Beerle 13 years ago

    Some good ideas here. I am still looking for more ideas on natural health and would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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