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In this vid I address the astounding level of bad information about “excess” protein and misinformation about protein powders in particular based on a recent article in SheFinds called “The Scary Downside To Protein Powder That No One Tells You About, According To A Dietitian.” (1) I use it as a reference for just how bad the information can be from people who are supposed have expertise in the topic of nutrition. Want to make an “easy” $100? Watch vid…

Articles of interest about this topic:

International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Position Stand: “protein and exercise” for those who want to review the lit on the topic as covered in this vids HERE.


  1. Pete 1 year ago

    Thanks Will. This type of misinformation by credentialed individuals is concerning. Seems to be a lot of that nowadays.

  2. Stephen C Knilans 1 year ago

    INSANE! Science says protein should be like 0.4 to 1 gram per pound of nonfat weight. This is for ADULTS! Babies might need more, or less, because they are so much smaller, and not the same proportions. Protein is used to create almost ALL non fat body tissue! So the larger the person, and the more tissue damage there is, the more they need. and there is ALWAYS tissue damage of some sort. I should add that most adults, IF VERY THIN AND NOT ACTIVE, COULD obviously survive on the minimum that person specified, and the standard I gave above shows that, but the standard I list even works for ARNOLD SCHWARTZENEGGER! If arnold limited himself to about 40 grams as that person specified, he would quickly lose all of his gains. That is about 0.18 grams per pound.

    And fat can come only from calories of processed(by the body) carbs. A good amount of protein is NOT carb related, and you require energy to change it into carbs and THEN fat, so it is very energy inefficient with regards to fat! So it could be like a 2:1 or less conversion. And also it depends on the amino acids! I actually replaced a lot of carbs with protein, almost calorie for calorie, and LOST weight! I lost over 60 pounds that way.

    BTW it takes about 2 grams of carbs to create 1 gram of fat, so I am saying that protein is more like 4 grams of protein to create 1 gram of fat. These are only approximations, but with regard to carbs they are close, and protein to fat is likely even less efficient than my estimate.

    Some people lived a LONG time with NO kidney damage, after taking as much as 2gms per non fat weight in pounds. And one of the main jobs of the kidneys is to remove ammonia from the blood. Ammonia comes from protein breakdown. It is one of the NON CARB components in protein. Ammonia will NEVER become fat! So 100% of carbs CAN become fat! NOT all protein could ever become fat.

  3. Andy 1 year ago

    Excellent video Will. Thanks for sharing.
    Andy (UK)

  4. amazing ! <3

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