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Looking for a change in your program? Perhaps something “non-traditional” that will see new progress in your body composition?

The BrinkZone Hybrid Program is a modified concurrent training system, that blends different aspects of strength, hypertrophy oriented training, and conditioning work, by modulating loads, volume, and rest periods, as well as incorporating targeted sprint interval training (SIT) work.

This program seeks to get the best of all worlds, hence a hybrid approach to increasing LBM, strength, and general fitness and an improvement in body composition.

Each day covers recommended exercises, loads, rest periods, and other essential information to reap the optimal effects, as well as discussing de loading periods, as well as active rest days.

It’s also just a lot of fun! Hey, don’t underestimate the importance of lookinh forward to a workout on your progress.

Brinkzone Hybrid Training Program
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The BrinkZone Hybrid Program (BHP) would be viewed as a non-traditional approach compared to other programs. By “non-traditional” I mean different from programs that are exclusively focused on say adding new weight to your one rep max, or gaining lean body mass to the exclusion of other effects, such as conditioning and such. The general term is “concurrent training” which is often defined as the combination of resistance training and endurance work, in an attempt to maximize all aspects of physical fitness and performance.

Technically, Concurrent Training (CT) is defined as:

“… the combination of resistance and endurance training in a periodized program to maximize all aspects of physical performance”

But it’s not really that simple. Let me explain. CT is also tied not as much to methodology per se, but to the goals of the individual. The Hybrid program attempts to increase capacity/performance/conditioning while increasing strength and lean body mass (LBM) concurrently. BrinkZone author, trainer, fitness model, and record holding power lifter Sumi Singh followed the Hybrid for the standard 12 weeks. At the end of 12 weeks she stated “…I’ve gained 6 1/2 lbs, 6 of which is lean body mass. I’ve gained 0.4 lbs of body fat, but my body fat as a percentage of my total weight has actually gone DOWN” while seeing improvements in all her lifts. For a trained natural woman, that’s an impressive response to the program. People can read her write up and experience  with the Hybrid Program Journey which starts HERE and covers all 12 weeks!

Is The Hybrid Program A True Concurrent Training Program?

The Hybrid program may not be a textbook example of concurrent training per se either, but it is a program that blends different aspects of strength, hypertrophy oriented training, and conditioning work, and seeks to get the best of all worlds, hence a hybrid approach to increasing LBM, strength, and general fitness and perhaps an improvement in body composition.

Is this program superior to others out there? As always, the goals define that answer. It’s not the optimal routine if ultimate strength is the goal, but from a standpoint of body composition the BHP can produce an overall blend of hypertrophy and leanness when fine–tuned. It will also get you into great overall condition, which could (hopefully!) be described as a “best of all possible worlds” routine for those wanting a solid blend of strength, fitness, and body compositional changes.*

Dr. Muscle App in Action!

“But Wait, There’s More!”

As the old Ronco commercial used to say. To help people really get the most from this program, I have teamed up with the inventor of the Dr Muscle App, Dr. Carl Juneau to optimize it. I have been recommending this app for some time to BrinkZone members with excellent feedback. What Dr. Juneau has done is incorporated a customized section of the app for those following the Hybrid Program. The combination of the Hybrid program customized aspect of the app will be a killer combination that will yield the best results with less time wasted. Get more info on the HERE! While one does not need that app to follow the Hybrid Program, it’s an invaluable addition to it for maximizing your hard work in the gym. This about as close to having a quality strength coach watching over you to make sure you’re on the right track you’re gonna get.

Ready To Try It?

To purchase the BrinkZone Hybrid Program, grab it off Amazon HERE, and remember, you do NOT need a Kindle to read it. There’s a free app that allows people to read those Kindle books on any platform.

*= Remember, changes in body composition rely on nutrition, and the effects on any changes on LBM and or bodyfat will depend predominately on whether you’re in a calorie surplus or negative, so keep that in mind also. Those who have remained in a neutral calorie status while following the BHP have noted some fat loss and muscle gained, often in approx. equal amounts, but calories and macros ultimately dictate those changes.

  1. Ray McShane 2 years ago

    What is the name of the free app to read? Thanks

    • Author
      Will Brink 2 years ago

      Only free app I mentioned is found on the same page as the Hybrid program on Amazon and allows you to read Kindle on any platform. Go page where Hybrid program is found linked and right side of the page it says “Read on any device, get free Kindle app.”

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