Is good form during weight lifting essential to gaining muscle mass? Many think good form is an essential factor, but is it? The answer may surprise you!

  1. makster 10 years ago

    Thanks Will. I competely agree with your take on this.

  2. Nassos 10 years ago

    Hi Will and thanks for your videos.Hearing you saying bodybuilders that are also competing for mr Olympia title sometimes do exercises in a much shorter range of movement than the proper, gives birth to a question: Is there any possibility that a muscle infused with steroids will work in a different way than a non steroid body? and i don’t mean if it’s going to grow faster and stronger cause that is obvious, what i’m trying to say is that maybe there needs to be a different pattern of exercise/work out that does not fit to a non steroid body for example a body with steroids can do a short range movement with lots of weights and the results might be great and then a non steroid body follows the same routine and has much worse results than if he would do a full range of motion with less weight. could something like this exist or does every muscle in the world steroid or not needs the same ways to grow?

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      The easiest away to sum this up is to say: Steroid using bbers can “get away” with paying less attention to form, or all the factors that exist that helps people make progress, such as loading, volume, programming, and nutrition. If you add to that great genetics, they can (and do) just about everything wrong, and still make progress. I have seen it many times.
      People not using drugs, and those with the genetics of mere mortals (99% of the population give or take) will benefit from paying attention to those known factors that dictate whether you’re likely to make progress or not. Sadly, great genetics + drugs can overcome poor training and nutrition.

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