Toning & Firming is a common industry terms used sell various programs and products, usually directed at women. I cover this silly term and expose it for what it is! If readers want additional details on the topic, click HERE.

  1. makster 13 years ago

    Darn Will, you ruined it. All this time I thought lifting all this weight I would get toned and firm. I'm crushed. LOL

  2. Author
    willbrink 13 years ago

    Good question. Easiest way to measure actual changes in body composition is to use calipers such as the Accu-Measure or Slim-Guide calipers. They are cheap, amazingly accurate, and easy enough to use.
    Before anyone asks, no, the electronic bodyfat scales are not accurate and I do not recommend them. 😮

  3. Ross 13 years ago

    Lol I should print this out to post at the gym.
    BTW, I have heard that calipers can be inaccurate and that it largely depends on the skill of the person that uses it.
    I have heard other fitness pros recommend the Accu-Measure calipers before. Are calipers really the most cost effective measure for composition assessment?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      The most accurate is an autopsy, followed by DEXA, followed by under water weighing, and the calipers, more or less. I personally tested the accu-measdure to some expensive calipers, and was surprised how accurate they are. Still, they are based on assumptions and have a margin of error. The more important issue is you get an objective way to measure changes in body comp vs how accurate the numbers are per se in terms of absolute accuracy of the readings.

  4. Jim 13 years ago

    Will, this is a very on point video. I know a lot of women who think that they can "tone and firm" their muscles by using really light weight and doing countless reps. I also see plenty of women at my gym working out this way. Far too many women mistakenly think that they're going to get big and bulky if they touch a barbell or dumbbell over 20 pounds.

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